How to Indulge In Oracle to SharePoint Migration?

Countless numbers of businesses that are using Oracle as a platform for storing business data are finding that SharePoint is a better option and are considering moving their data from Oracle to SharePoint. These businesses may have considered the benefits they will accrue when they accomplish the Oracle to SharePoint data migration. While businesses may have made the appropriate decision of moving their data to SharePoint is also important for them to choose a solution provider that can make it possible for them to migrate their data on Oracle to SharePoint easily.

Despite the time constraints they have businesses are suggested to spend time conducting some research to find a company which can provide them a comprehensive solution to migrate Oracle WCI to any SharePoint structures. The Tzunami deployer for Oracle WCI is part of the family of products developed by this company specifically to respond to the requirements of SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2019, and SharePoint online migration requirements. The solution can provide businesses with the option of running the export command from one machine given as they begin loading the data onto another. Users will also have the ability to the content which they want to be migrated because they will be provided with the ability to connect directly to Oracle WCI. The Tzunami deployer for Oracle is also capable of running the exporter from the command line to allow exports to run as part of scripts.

The Tzunami deployer for Oracle will allow users to export the following types of objects from Oracle to SharePoint. From the knowledge directory user will be able to export documents, links pointing to external or internal web content, shortcuts pointing to documents in other repositories like collaboration, projects, published documents, and content service such as Windows files.

They will also have the ability to export projects such as announcements, discussions, document, document folder, task list, and events.

As part of the export process, the Tzunami deployer for Oracle will export users and groups along with the following permissions. Read, write, edit, admin, and none. Using the security mappings of Tzunami deployer uses can perform the migration of user groups and memberships with permissions even across active directory domains.

Apart from the basic system properties like created by and modification date the Tzunami deployer for Oracle can also enable the migration of custom properties as properties or columns to the target system.

Businesses considering the Tzunami deployer for Oracle to SharePoint migration must understand they need to have certain system requirements within their infrastructure. The system requirements are as follows:

Oracle WebCenter interaction configured and running.

Oracle WCI V 10 G. framework 2.0.

When businesses consider migrating content from Oracle to SharePoint they have an option to use any solution which is offered to them by many providers that are ever willing to make offers. However, businesses that value their data and do not think it is worthwhile dealing with any solution provider other than the best should consider the Tzunami deployer which has been specifically designed to respond to all SharePoint requirements.

Among the various solutions available for SharePoint data migration Tzunami deployer is the leader in the market and offers support to all SharePoint versions for data and content migration not just in a professional manner but also with a highly skilled team with numerous legacy systems for SharePoint migration requirements of all types. The deployer does not just offer a wide range of systems but is also available with years of experience in the migration sector as they continuously provide their services to many large organizations and companies of different types. The Tzunami deployer can transfer your data fast and accurately without any losses.