How to Migrate From Google Drive To Office 365: A Step-By-Step Guide

Have you decided to jump into the deep end and begin migrating your data from Google Drive to office 365? It is highly possible for you to have had the idea in your mind for quite some time but probably found Google Drive a good option for that particular moment. It is possible that the added functionalities of OneDrive convinced you to make the move but left you with a question of how you should proceed. This article will guide you through the procedure and make it possible for you to indulge in Google Drive if you intend to accomplish this task manually by yourself.

For starters, you really need to set up your source folder and connect to the destination. Thereafter you need to select the files you want to migrate before you begin migrating them without difficulties in office 365. However, you also need to have a software which is designed for the migration of Google Drive to office 365. If you do not have the software you need managing the task manually will be difficult and time-consuming.

You can begin the Google Drive to office 365 migration by contacting Cloudsfer for the software you need because you do not need to be an expert to work with cloud migration with this software provider. You will have an opportunity to instantly transfer and backup your files from any location by choosing from over 20 storage providers that will be provided to you by this company.

Google Drive is a cloud storage and collaboration service which allows users to sync and upload files for accessing them at a later time from web browsers or mobile devices. Apart from collaborating with existing files users also get an opportunity to edit existing files or create new ones from any device. When migrating files from Google Drive to office 365 it is essential for the user to ensure that all types of files are migrated by maintaining the hierarchy structure. Care should also be taken to ensure the sharing settings are maintained. The users must have the ability to perform bulk users migration and the administrators should be able to migrate data from their Google drive for work subaccounts. The option of applying filters according to the size of the file, the date it was created or modified should also be available to the user.

Users that decide to utilize the services provided by Cloudsfer will be able to automatically manage the challenges of migration according to restrictions applied by Google Drive even as they go ahead and begin moving to a platform which they consider is better than what they have. Challenges will definitely be faced by users but these are the type that can be overcome with help provided from a leading third-party software provider like Cloudsfer.

Users looking forward to accomplishing the migration do not need to accept our word and contact Cloudsfer right away. They can begin by conducting some research over the Internet until they reach the website of this company and register for a free account which is offered. Users will get an opportunity to test the software offered by Cloudsfer for free with a storage space of 5 GB before they can consider future options. This is a better option than any other offers which will also be made to users by online third-party software providers.

The objective of this article is to keep users informed about the difficulties they can face when looking forward to migrating Google Drive to office 365. Rather than opt for a time-consuming process by trying to accomplish the task manually users will be better off contacting Cloudsfer for the software they need for Google Drive to office 365 migration.