How to Remove Photo Backgrounds Automatically With AI?

Images of all types have always had backgrounds and were being used and uploaded onto e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay by sellers that were affiliated with them. It was only in the recent past that these two e-commerce majors decided that they would no longer accept images with backgrounds by mandating that every image should have a clear or white background. This requirement brought upon sellers the need to remove the background of the picture they intended to upload to the platform. This was a classic case of asking sellers on e-commerce platforms to remove photo backgrounds before the image was uploaded for display on the website.

E-commerce majors had ample reasons to make such demands from sellers because they had data which proved that pictures with clear backgrounds improved conversions, not just for the sellers but also brought in additional revenue for themselves. On their part, sellers had a reason to complain because e-commerce majors were asking them to indulge in additional expenditure for removing photo backgrounds. While online savvy sellers managed to find AI apps for removing the backgrounds from images many frequented professional photographers to accomplish this task. It would be needless to mention these people were spending huge sums of money to remove photo backgrounds from hundreds or thousands of images.

Sellers that are still looking around for an AI application to remove the background of the picture can rest assured they now have an affordable and cost-effective solution available to them. People just need to visit the website of and create an account for themselves to be able to accomplish their objective of removing the backgrounds from images.

Malabi is the most convenient AI application presently available because it provides sellers with an easy method of removing photo backgrounds. Sellers simply need to upload the image from which the background needs to be removed. They can then preview the result which will automatically be displayed within a few seconds with a white background. They also have an option to replace the white background with a transparent background with a click of the button. The AI from Malabi also offers an option to manually touch up the image in the editing interface. Thereafter the seller is required to save the changes and simply click download to have a picture with a clear background.

Considering the convenience being offered by Malabi CEOs of large e-commerce platforms also have integrated the AI into their system. Sellers dealing with such e-commerce platforms can consider themselves fortunate because they will have a handy solution available to them whenever they need to upload an image to the platform.

Malabi is not just available for large e-commerce platforms and small or medium-sized businesses can also consider creating an account for themselves with the company for removing image backgrounds. Sellers will have the ability to even indulge in bulk background cleaning by uploading up to 30 images on a single occasion. Results will be delivered to them within a short time according to the specified requirements.

Sellers on e-commerce platforms are often concerned about the costs of removing the backgrounds from images. It is possible that they compare the costs to a professional photographer and believe it will be unaffordable for them to become involved in such tasks. However with a number of solutions now available in the market along with Malabi which is one of the best sellers can rest assured they will not be burdened with high expenditure. Using a platform like Malabi is the best way to remove photo backgrounds automatically with AI.

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