Is the Video Encoder Solution Really Adventurous?

As a professional in the business of video streaming, it would be natural for you to have on hand a video encoder solution which has been developed by the market leaders. You would not mind paying a little extra for the solution knowing full well that the manufacturer would also have included a video encoder software along with the equipment. You may have several reasons why you want to make an investment in the latest solutions which are available on the market. Perhaps you could have heard that the video encoder solution will open up new adventures for you as a professional which could have prompted you to consider an upgrade. Before you go ahead any further and make the investment we suggest you consider the kind of adventures that you will be exposed to when you prepare yourself to begin working with a video encoder solution.

Firstly, you are suggested to invest in the solution developed by liveU because this is the only solution that is capable of transmitting consistent video with subsecond end to end the delay. This company has combined the LiveU antenna and bonding algorithms to provide you the best possible solution presently available in the market.

If you are not transmitting a live two-way interview you will get an option to store and forward or to transmit at a 60-second delay for feeding footage. This option provides you an extremely high and consistent quality even in the most difficult conditions.

Investing in the solution being provided by LiveU will mean you will be able to stream reliably even from challenging areas. The proprietary internal and external antenna of LiveU can provide substantially better signal quality than standard USB cards or any other cellular services.

The predictive cellular bonding algorithms from LiveU can anticipate the behavior of data networks, dispatch redundant data and retrieve lost packets providing you the most consistent, stable, and reliable picture over an extended period of time.

The products developed by LiveU are all 5G ready and are customized to work efficiently with 5G networks. LiveU is an active partner in the EU5 GPPP research project which is focusing on broadcast and multicast communication enablers for fifth-generation wireless systems. The multi-link technology from LiveU is being considered as one of the technologies which enable the services for this project.

The video encoder solution and other products from LiveU have been thoroughly tested and certified by leading CE and FCC approved labs for SAR and safety considerations of other types.

If you are considering upgrading your equipment to the latest available in the market would it not make sense for you to invest in a solution which not just provides you an opportunity to become adventurous but also gives you the ability to stream video live for TV, mobile, online and social media? We are certain you would not want to waste the opportunity and would make every effort to grab the same with both hands.

If the live video revolution is grabbing eyeballs the driver behind the revolution is LiveU. You can let your audience become part of your story with high quality and flawless live video transmitted from any part of the world by using the patented bonding and video transport technology which has been developed by this company. The video encoder solution has been chosen by over 3000 customers in more than 100 countries who have made it a solution of their choice. The customers come from the fields of global broadcasters, news agencies, online media, and social media for covering breaking in developing news and other high-profile events by using the solution being provided by LiveU.

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