Leading Providers of Broadcast Units Are Making Life Easier For Broadcasters

Earlier broadcasters couldn’t find broadcast units suitable for the kind of broadcast they wanted to be involved in. They had no options but to chose the broadcasting equipment available on the market by investing substantial sums of money. Their problems were compounded further when they observed the equipment required miles of cables as well as additional staff for managing the broadcasts. Changes were only observed after leading providers of broadcast units began attempting to make life easier for broadcasters by providing equipment which was suitable for their needs.

Broadcasters could either consider using used broadcast equipment from providers operating in the market for quite some time or opt for the solutions offered by providers such as LiveU.tv that began offering a comprehensive solution for use by broadcasters.

LiveU is offering ad hoc rental services of their units upon receiving information of where and when. Unit is needed by the broadcaster. This offer eliminates the need to carry heavy equipment or be concerned about clearing customs and purchasing local Sim cards. The rentals offered by this provider are available anytime and anywhere in the world.

Broadcasters can benefit from using the latest LU 600 units for transmitting in HD or 4K with the new HEVC technology from this provider. Broadcasters can rest assured the units will support multiple local cellular networks and the rentals will be backed by 24 x 7 support of the professional variety. The units have been used in popular events such as the 2019 FIBA basketball World Cup, the general elections in Israel, the United Nations Gen. assembly, and the rugby World Cup in Japan apart from many other events throughout the globe.

Sports organizations and broadcasters can enhance their coverage by optimizing their workflow with the integrated cloud-based IP solutions offered by LiveU. this provider has an entire range of solutions but is also involved in continuously developing new ways for broadcasters to enhance their experience.

Broadcasters face numerous challenges when they are required to broadcast live events from different locations within the country or overseas. They are hampered by the heavy costs of purchasing the broadcasting equipment needed to support their profession along with the costs necessary to transport the equipment to different countries by overcoming the challenges of customs clearance and local regulations. These problems often discourage broadcasters to make them feel they may have entered into an unsuitable profession. However, they can take solace in the fact that providers like LiveU have taken it upon themselves to develop and provide suitable broadcast units which can be used in any part of the world.

The solutions from LiveU are suitable for sports, global events, roaming solutions, bespoke wireless network solutions, public safety, at-home production, and even broadcast television. All demands for full SD or HD quality resiliency, availability, mobility and subsecond latency in highly innovative live video uplink solutions are addressed by the offer from LiveU giving broadcasters opportunities to combine the LiveU antenna and bonding algorithms which make it the appropriate solution for transmitting consistent video with subsecond end to end delay. When a two-way live interview is not essential the units from LiveU offer users the option of storing and forwarding or transmitting at a 60-second delay for feeding footage.

All products from LiveU are 5G ready designed to function effectively with 5G networks. LiveU is an active partner in the EU 5GPPP research product focused on broadcast and multicast communication enablers for fifth-generation wireless systems. LiveU MultiLink technology is considered as one of the enabling technology for the services of this project. LiveU is a leader in the market for broadcast solutions and has many broadcast units that are making it easier for broadcasters to carry on with their profession.

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