Look No Further If You Want to Backup SharePoint Online

Are you worried that your data stored on SharePoint online may be lost because the platform does not have the essential ability to recover documents after they have been removed from the trash bin? It must be admitted that despite being a powerful cloud-based collaboration and storage service SharePoint online, unfortunately, encounters this problem leaving you at risk of losing your data altogether. However you do not have to be concerned about this problem because it is possible to backup SharePoint online by using a solution which has been developed specifically for this purpose. When you want to backup sharepoint to Amazon S3 storage you simply need to contact CloudAlly.

The cloud backup from CloudAlly can provide you with a SharePoint backup solution which will allow you easily to backup SharePoint online without undergoing any hassles. The services provided by CloudAlly are fully compatible with all plans and allow you to backup from team sites as well as all subsites, private site collections, and onedrive for business sites.

The restore process developed by CloudAlly is nondestructive and allows you to recover your data without overwriting existing information. You can drill down your backups by date or keyword search quickly to locate and recover individual items as needed. You also have an option to recover an entire site for a complete point in time recovery. The data recovered can be restored to the original site or another if you prefer the same. Archives can be exported with a single click for on-site storage. Therefore the SharePoint online backup is a necessity for easily restoring your data.

Do you need an easy method of keeping track of your SharePoint online backup activity? CloudAlly will send you a report every day that will include an overview of the activity along with an extensive summary of the backup. CloudAlly uses a granular item-level search and restores or restore a complete site by using its nondestructive restore to the same or a different site if specified in the Target Field. The data can be exported in zip files which contain the date of the site in its original format.

The information provided above should put your mind at rest because your search for a solution to backup SharePoint online is right here. You will not be required to conduct any research over the Internet in search of other solutions that are also being offered. Should you have any concerns you can create an account for yourselves with CloudAlly and benefit from the 14-day free trial which is offered. You can use this trial to convince yourselves that backing up SharePoint online is not such a difficult task and can be accomplished with ease if you have the right solution in your possession.

At this stage, you may be concerned about the prices that you may have to pay to back up SharePoint. It will be beneficial for you to understand that the prices offered by CloudAlly are in the affordable category and will only cost you $20 per year or $2 per month for every five GB of data you back up. Should you need additional space you can definitely contact the company for a quote which will undoubtedly be offered in double quick time.

CloudAlly is providing the best in the class data protection solutions for office 365 online for enabling you to secure your ongoing business continuity. With a comprehensive solution available to you from this company would you want to waste additional time contacting other providers that may not be able to match the services offered by CloudAlly? We are certain you wouldn’t and will definitely choose this solution to backup SharePoint online.