Mantis Vision Handheld 3D Scanners Can Deliver Pinpoint Accuracy

The world of scanners has changed dramatically ever since the 3D handheld versions were introduced in the market by many manufacturers. These scanners are capable of delivering pinpoint accuracy without compromising on reliability and precision. They are also easy to use because of their portability. Among the many manufacturers that have introduced the handheld 3D scanner Mantis Vision is the market leader with the F6 smart which is capable of scanning big objects and large areas from far to short ranges. It is capable of being used even as a 3D room scanner if required.

Mantis Vision is using a patented algorithm of innovative encoding for the F6 smart handheld scanner which can provide superb quality data to make it the ultimate device for scanning complex scenes within seconds. This scanner is capable of delivering high-quality 3D models even when the lighting conditions are not suitable. It offers high accuracy with professional-grade measurements featuring up to 0.5 MM and depth resolution of up to one MM.

The color camera of the F6 smart can capture high-quality images during the scanning and the smart algorithm of Echo converts the images into a photorealistic mesh texture. The Echo software is a powerful scanning and 3D editing tool which is suitable both for professionals and amateurs. It is easy to use high-performance software which features strong registration, meshing and measurement tools.

The F6 smart can be used for technical room scanning, reconstruction, manufacturing and maintenance, archaeology, aftermarket parts, forensics, modeling for CGI, cultural heritage and much more. It is complemented by the Echo software which is an advanced software package with a collection of tools for 3D models. Users of the F6 can conduct 3D decoding and registration online with the help of the patented algorithm to guarantee accurate scan results in a 3D point cloud format. The editing tools also support post-scan actions such as noise removal, editing, registration corrections, file format conversion, export, and meshing. The tools when combined can allow the creation of highly accurate mesh with color texturing to provide the highest quality output. The Echo software is provided free of charge for users and can be downloaded from the website of Mantis Vision.

Users searching for a handheld 3D scanner may research the Internet looking for various products that are also available on the market. They may even be tempted to purchase products that are offered at low prices or accompanied by numerous offers. However, they are recommended not to indulge in such purchases without considering the quality offered by Mantis Vision.

Mantis Vision is a 3D technology company that is providing 3D scan solutions along with the F6 smart. They are also the manufacturers of the 3D object scanner, 3D camera phone technology as well as the unique structured light sensor technology. The unique VR technology enables next-generation depth vision, 3D face recognition for mobile phones and much more.

Professionals looking for handheld 3D scanners will recognize the benefits offered by Mantis Vision when they attempt to understand the technology being offered by this company and compare it with other manufacturers in the market. It will become evident to them that no manufacturer has similar technology as Mantis Vision that is providing the best handheld 3D scanner in the market capable of functioning in any light conditions regardless of whether it is being used by professionals or amateurs. This is the option professionals must be considering rather than any other because the investment they make in the F6 will soon provide a return on investment that will be better than imagined.

3D handheld scanner
3D handheld scanner