What is Mobile Fleet Fuel authorization ?

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and so are its ways. Nowadays, no one has the time to wait for even a minute as they consider it a waste of their time. So, innovations like mobile fleet fuel authorization are gaining a lot of popularity. If you have heard a lot about it, but you are not sure about what it is, then we suggest you read below to know more about it, its benefits and usage.

What is Mobile Fleet Card?

In simple terms, a mobile fleet card is a card that is used as a payment card while buying stuff like gasoline, diesel and other fuels when a person is at the gas station. They can often be used to pay for maintenance and other expenses related to a vehicle. They are gaining a lot of popularity because they are convenient and ensure comprehensive reporting by letting fleet owners or managers know about the fuel consumption as well as other expenses.

How Fleet Managers Benefit from Mobile Fleet Fueling?

Fleet managers benefit from mobile fleet fueling as they can keep an eye on spending, set limits and boost operational efficiencies across the organization. It also gives more power to fleet owners or managers as they can do fleet fuel authorization as well. Fleet owners or managers can also track fuel use and driver behavior from a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone by just using an internet connection. Opt for a system that provides crucial information like job number, driver ID, vehicle ID or odometer reading.

Fleet owners or managers can also get access to granular transaction detail that leads to money savings. They can also utilize standard and custom reporting in order to identify more opportunities for savings. They also have the power to set limits on the number of dollars and product types a driver can buy. This ensures that the driver doesn’t overspend or forget his or her monetary liberties.

How Businesses Benefit from Mobile Fleet Fueling?

Businesses can reap a lot of benefits by using mobile fleet fuel authorization and solutions. Some of them are:

  • Better fleet efficiency
  • Rebates on each galleon of fuel if you use specific cards
  • Savings on total fuel management costs
  • No paper receipts and hefty files
  • Instant reports
  • Better security of transactions
  • No frauds or unauthorized access
  • Reports on demand
  • Drivers become more responsible than before
  • Access to gas anywhere which lets drivers get to job sites faster and get low priced fuel as well.
  • Boost miles per gallon by knowing which vehicles need maintenance and when
  • No need to spend hours on accounting work when financial transactions are listed whenever you want.
  • Constant customer support is also available if you are not sure about when and how to make use of a tool


In essence, it can be seen that mobile fleet fueling is a good innovation and a necessity in today’s world. It offers a lot of benefits to the fleet owners and business owners or managers. Once you invest in one of these solutions, you will realize that fleet management is not a headache anymore. You will also ensure that you don’t get fooled by con men or over smart drivers who don’t use enough fuel but claim that they have used a lot of it while working for you.

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