More Resources Are Needed To Improve Connected Car Security

V2X Security

The technology of V2X security allows vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure surrounding them including pedestrians with road safety being the key application. In order to understand connected car security, the vehicle must have the ability to trust the messages it receives from its surroundings. Automotive cyber security cannot rely on degraded safety, liability costs, and reputation loss because these options are not an option to the automotive industry.

Within the automotive industry connected car security is a priority according to a recent report which has been published. The problems are compounded by the fact that resources and skills are both a challenge. Presently there is a shortage of resources for connected car security. While the senior management of automotive companies are trying to understand how they can overcome the challenges they haven’t considered the matter seriously. They are unaware that simply throwing money at an issue is not always the right answer. Many engineers believe they do not have the necessary voice to raise concerns about cybersecurity. It is also possible that they may not have the resources or teams needed to address the issues of automotive cybersecurity. However, some key players within the industry are making efforts to meet the challenge and ensure proper standards are in place along with activities to make them effective.

The study conducted revealed that while most companies have the required skill sets and resources they are not using the best practices to optimize the resources. They usually indulge in testing after the product development life-cycle is over leading to inefficiencies creeping in. They do not consider that hackers can easily download scripts online which will allow them to hack and efficiently. In order to overcome this problem, they need to continue building their skill set. There can never rest assured they are secure but must believe they are always securing.

When the matter of V2X security is considered automotive companies need to understand that every component in an IT environment is insecure with no updates being available unless the components are either retired or replaced. The component can be vulnerable and cause harm when it is introduced to the market and therefore the company needs to have the resources to manage and monitor the same for an extended period of time. The resources could bring upon the company the need to provide service updates, replacements or even recall the product in worst case scenarios.

This is a unique challenge which companies are encountering because they can download patches to their computers during the night but it is not as easy for vehicles that are moving at 60 mph and connected wirelessly. This problem needs to be addressed by using various means such as providing over the air updates, plugging electric vehicles to a grid or through a regime of software maintenance.

There is a need for companies to develop a best practice on how to patch software in cars. It could be even more important for the company to develop a secure approach to provide patches into the network of the vehicle over the air during the nights or when the vehicle is stationary.

This far the only company which is capable of providing the ultimate solution for V2X security requirements is AutoTalks because they have ensured that all safety events are handled in a timely fashion. Autonomous driving applications and sensor fusion are supported by the technology for automotive cyber security developed by this company. AutoTalks is the only company which is providing a truly secure V2X as the solution is hardware embedded and the cryptographic agility solution can ensure sustained security for decades. Being the leader in the market for connected car security this company has invested in all the resources needed to make automotive cyber security impregnable.