Professional Live Broadcast Equipment Can Take Your Broadcasts To A New Level

Are you considering uploading videos to Instagram, YouTube or any other popular video sites over the Internet? Have you ever broadcast yourself or an event to an audience to be viewed live in real time? Challenging as you may believe the task may be it is really easy thanks to the live broadcast equipment and tools which are presently available. You do not need to invest in any fancy broadcasting equipment as long as you have a functioning camera and microphone built-in to your computer or smartphone or even connected as separate devices. If you are prepared to understand the bare minimum requirements you will be able to take your broadcasts to a new level even with the equipment you have in possession. Professional equipment will definitely make your broadcasts look even better but you can appear as a professional even with the hardware mentioned above.

The popular tools which are mentioned below are generally used by individuals, event holders, and business owners that want to broadcast live video for their audiences. You can either consider using one of these platforms or alternatively invest in broadcasting equipment that will be suitable for your needs.

You can consider using Facebook live for broadcasting live events to the largest audience globally. You do not need to invest in any equipment other than creating a Facebook profile which will allow you to reach a live audience with your Android or iOS devices. The video will appear in the news feed even when you the broadcaster’s live on your profile page with an indicator. The video will be available for audiences who may have missed the live event even after your live broadcast has ended. You can reach new audiences and interact with followers in real time if you use Facebook live. One session on this platform can last for approximately four hours.

IBM Cloud video is another platform which you can use for broadcasting live with the equipment in your possession. This is a cloud-based platform for the delivery of live video and on-demand content. This was primarily a business-oriented service but IBM Cloud video is customized for larger audiences especially for event streaming and marketing launches. You are offered a 30 day free trial of the pro plan which can accommodate approximately 100 to 5000 viewer hours with 720p broadcasting, Channel password protection, customization, and ad-free broadcasting.

Instagram live video is another platform which you can consider if you have an established account on Instagram to share live video with your followers in real time. The video will no longer be viewable on Instagram after the live transmission is over. The live video can only be viewed by an approved follower for private accounts but anyone with an Instagram account can view a live video.

You can also consider using platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, periscope, and twitch which are also popular platforms for broadcasting live with the bare minimum equipment which you have. If you are not satisfied with your broadcasts and feel you should be doing more to make them appear better you can consider investing in live broadcast equipment being provided by LiveU that can really transform the way you have been broadcasting. The equipment being provided by LiveU is being used by thousands of customers in 100 countries and these are professionals in the field of broadcasting live events. You will have to determine whether you want to use the equipment available with you or make fresh investments in broadcasting equipment when you are ready to broadcast your first transmission. The options to broadcast professionally with equipment in your possession is certainly available but if you want to make an investment in professional live broadcast equipment you are suggested to opt for the best which will only be available to you from LiveU.