HD streaming to facebook and Promoting Live Streaming Events

When you work hard to organize an event, you obviously want a lot of people to view it live and appreciate your hard work. But are you aware of the best ways to promote the event on social media? Are you aware that HD streaming to facebook and twitter is easy as can be? If not, here are 8 simple strategies that would help promote it far and wide.

  1. The Right Start

The first thing you need to do is to make people curious about the event. Start the promotions a few days before the event and send regular reminders to all the people who have shown an interest in knowing more about it. Don’ promote it once, you need to promote it many times before the event, especially a few hours before to keep the buzz going.

  1. Find the Right Audience

It is also advised that you find the right audience for the event. Find people who have liked it on social media platforms or are curious to know more. Tell them more about the event and answer their queries in advance so that they have a glimpse of what to expect. If people consider the event worth their time and effort, they would surely view it when it happens.

  1. Choose the Right Time

One of the reasons that live events fail is that people don’t organize or live stream it via HD streaming to Facebook on time. If you are organizing an event for the US audience, don’t do it according to Indian time zones and vice versa. Similarly, if you are organizing an event for young professional, ensure that the timing is not during working hours but the weekends or evenings. Also, avoid late night events if you want a good audience.

  1. Internet Grapevine Works

You also need to realize that internet grapevine is a great thing and you can use it to your advantage by asking a few influential people like social media influencers to promote your event. It is the strange nature of humans that they don’t watch an event when a company is promoting it, but they do watch it when a third person who is not associated with the event directly asks them to.

  1. Use Stardom

In case your event would be attended by a celebrity or a famous person who is an expert in his or her field then you should promote it by using that person’s name as much as possible. You can promote the celebrity’s every move like the Tom Cruise is in France today, and he’ll attend our event exactly two weeks later.

  1. Create a Teaser

A great way to boost curiosity about something is to create a teaser for it. In this teaser, you can highlight what the event is about and what a person can gain by viewing it on social media. Make sure that the teaser doesn’t give too much away and is as excitable as possible. Keep it short and sweet to gain more attention.

  1. Unveil Details Gradually

It is also a smart idea to reveal the details of the event gradually. Create more than one teasers if possible and reveal the time of the event in one teaser, the celebrity name in another teaser, the duration of the event in the third teaser. This will keep the audience hooked and curious.

  1. Track Response

The last step is to ensure that you keep track of people who have viewed the event teasers and expressed some curiosity about it. Make sure that they are watching it live by sending them a promotional email even when the event begins. Also, make sure you use the right equipment like a streaming device or a streaming encoder to provide a seamless viewing experience.

HD streaming to facebook
HD streaming to facebook


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