Sellers Need to Adopt ECommerce Shipping Solutions To Satisfy Consumer Requests

Over the last couple of years, e-commerce sales have increased dramatically as the Internet is making it easier for people to order products large and small from retailers from any part of the world. Retail e-commerce sales in 2017 were $2.3 trillion and the figure would be much higher presently. Billions of people are visiting e-commerce stores in search of products they want but in many cases abandon the cart because the retailer is unable to offer them an e-commerce shipping solution. Retailers functioning over the Internet have until this moment ignored the requirement to adopt e-commerce shipping solutions for their marketplace perhaps because none were being offered by most shipping companies.

With e-commerce retail sales expected to increase further retailers operating on the e-commerce marketplace can no longer rely on traditional shipping methods that do not have shipping solutions which can satisfy the requirements of shoppers. Individuals visiting e-commerce outlets from different countries are usually happy when they find large and heavy items being offered to them at affordable prices. Problems arise only after you have selected the items they want and proceeded to the checkout counter only to realize they will have to pay a high price for shipping the products they have chosen. The retailer does not have an e-commerce shipping solution to satisfy the needs of the shopper. Eventually, the shopper either begins researching for shipping companies that can offer cost-efficient prices for the shipping or leaves the marketplace disappointed by abandoning the cart.

The situation presently being observed in the e-commerce marketplace is not just disappointing for the shopper but also the seller because they are losing sales along with valuable customers who in most cases are unlikely to return. It is to overcome this problem that sellers need to adopt e-commerce solutions which will help them to offer the cheapest prices to ship items of any size to any location.

E-commerce shipping solutions despite not being offered by the leading shipping companies are certainly available for sellers over the Internet. Rather than adopt the traditional method of contacting shipping companies sellers are recommended to search for Ladingo which is the first and only shipping company which is using a cloud-based enterprise solution that is proving at the most efficient and streamlined retail e-commerce fulfillment solution available on the market.

Traditional shipping companies have complex pricing methods which change dramatically according to the weight of the item, the timeframe by which the item needs to be delivered, the destination, as well as any other encumbrances shipping companies, may face. They also have several restrictions and are slow in shipping. When these factors are combined shoppers are likely to be disappointed with their experience.

Things would be a lot better for retailers if they integrated the solution offered by Ladingo into their marketplace to offer the same to the shopper at the checkout counter. Retailers would then have an opportunity to ensure the shopper does not have abandon cart and the shopper would have access to an e-commerce shipping solution which will provide them an opportunity to have the items they purchased shipped to their location at the cheapest prices regardless of the size. Retailers can contact Ladingo for the solution and integrate it into their marketplace as it will provide them more opportunities to generate revenue which they are missing because they lack e-commerce shipping solutions. The solution offered by Ladingo allows sellers to ship large items such as home appliances or furniture to any buyer from across the globe without being concerned about the size of the item and therefore is an essential requirement which sellers cannot afford to ignore.

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