SMS Services Now Increasingly Being Used By Businesses

There was a time when the SMS service was only being used by a handful of users to exchange personal messages from their cell phones rather than making calls and increasing costs. With the passage of time businesses have realized they can use the business SMS service to contact their customers with information of deals and offers or even provide the information about goods or services they are offering. It is well known that SMS messages have an open rate of 95% and can, therefore, engage the recipient effectively. SMS services are also proven to be effective in converting customers successfully. This is perhaps the reason why the business SMS service gained in popularity which also saw the introduction of the SMS API.

Unlike individuals, businesses do not have the time to spare for sending messages via cell phones. Cell phones have character restrictions which will not allow businesses to send lengthy messages and moreover, they need to send the messages to multiple recipients at the same time. This issue was overcome with innovative business text messaging and the SMS API platform for delivering the results that businesses sought from their activities of mobile messaging.

Despite the costs of using an SMS service being low for individuals businesses did not have similar facilities available to them. As commercial enterprises, they were required to invest in business SMS services which were initially being offered at exorbitant prices. It often led businesses to wonder whether they should even consider using a business SMS service for contacting their customers. Traditionally businesses are averse to spending additional resources unless they are guaranteed results. Unfortunately, businesses do not realize that traditional methods they used for contacting customers had become outdated with the introduction of the SMS API.

The introduction of the SMS API witnessed a number of service providers entering the market and offering their services at high prices relying solely on the information that the SMS service would lead to higher engagement levels without concentrating on the results. It was only after MessageWhiz introduced their innovative API platform which they called results driven messaging which offered the best delivery rates, better consumer engagement as well as the highest rates of conversion success that businesses were able to witness a change to begin using the services that were offered.

Pricing was still an issue with businesses that considered using the business SMS service. However, this factor was also considered by MessageWhiz which offered a risk-free business SMS service with a revenue share model. They had flexible payment models to match the needs of every business. Businesses had the option of paying only when they achieved the desired results of their campaign. This was a benefit which businesses could ill afford to ignore because they were only being asked to pay for services which delivered results as desired.

Presently more and more businesses are investing in business SMS service because it is a cost-effective method of advertising which can provide guaranteed results. The business can contact its customers instantly in any part of the world and even receive a response if they have invested in two-way messaging. The results delivered by the SMS service verifies whether the message has actually been delivered to the recipient. The adaptive routing of the message increases conversions by approximately 25% while reducing campaign costs as well. The innovative engagement toolbox which is used analyses message routing, timing, content, and context and the implementation of the tools ensure an improvement in engagement to optimize results.

The business SMS solutions being offered by MessageWhiz is a smart text messaging service for business with a unique pay by conversion success option. Companies can benefit from SMS business marketing by improving communication with their clients at the most relevant moments to significantly grow their business conversion outcomes.

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