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5 Applications of 3D Volumetric Captures

Volumetric studio is an exciting innovation that has taken the world of entertainment by storm. A volumetric studio is fully capable of capturing videos and images in 3D, and can be used to capture or record subjects in three dimensions. There is a major difference between this tech and 360-degree cameras. The latter allows viewers to view the image from all angles, but there is no depth in the image.

A volumetric video, on the other hand, allows the subject of the video to be viewed from all sorts of angles. It also allows the photographer to capture every aspect of their appearance and shape. A volumetric studio makes use of multiple cameras, which are focused on the subject from a variety of angles. The video is captured and the obtained images are then processed for a ready-for-viewing video file.

5 Applications of Volumetric Captures

Here are 5 unique areas in which you can apply volumetric captures in the most effective way possible. This is a truly exciting technology that can actually do a lot for you and your business.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR): Augmented Reality or AR is the name of a tech that allows people to have a real-world 3D experience using their phones or computers. This experience can be enriched by adding other forms of stimuli. In the age of COVID-19 and social distancing, AR can be a great way for people to explore museums, homes, etc. Volumetric capture can help in placing an effective AR guide.
  2. Volumetric Souvenirs: If you are setting up a booth at a science fiction or tech convention, then a volumetric capture kiosk can be a wonderful addition. For a small fee, you can capture a short motion of the attendees and give it to them so that they can share it on their social media platforms. This is a very effective way of increasing the popularity of your convention stand.
  3. Live Interviews: It has to be said the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a crippling blow to social events and gatherings. One way you can conduct successful online conventions is by setting up some 3D capture kiosks. Your interviewers and interviewees can finish the entire thing from within the comfort of the kiosk. Viewers would not even be able to tell that the participants are not in the same room.
  4. AR Advertisements: AR Advertising is an exciting technology that feels like it has leapt right out of the pages of a science fiction novel. You can record advertisements using volumetric 3D capture and then send them to potential clients. You can include the video as an email or text attachment as well. Your viewers would be able to see a 3D version of the spokesperson on their phones/computers.
  5. Films and Entertainment: Another area where volumetric 3D capture has massive potential is in the area of films and entertainment. The presence of such tech has made the green screen redundant, as special effects and CGI can be added in later with a remarkable amount of ease. Static poses can be set up and processed to develop an interesting animated sequence. You can bring your favourite films to life!

How the 3D Workflow Functions?

Here are the exact four steps in which a modern 3D volumetric capture kiosk works. This design is capable of providing a high level of data quality to the users in the shortest possible time.

  •   Record: In this stage of the capture process, the static or dynamic poses are recorded in the volumetric kiosk. The technician will advise the user what to do so that the captures can be completed without any loss of data.
  •   Processing: The next stage of the process is the most time consuming one, as all of the images have to be processed and then converted into a 3D format. This can be done on a local or a cloud device.
  •   Code Generation: Once the video has been fully processed, you will receive a code from the system. This code can come in the form of a clickable link/QR code.
  •   Share: The video can be downloaded and shared with ease. You can share the link on social media as well.

This is all you need to know about all of the wonderful and remarkable applications of a 3D volumetric kiosk.


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Volumetric Video: The Future Ready Video Technique

Over the years, the world of photography and videography has changed tremendously. There have been massive developments in how we picture a moment in the best way possible. Whether it is the advancements in cameras or the technique to capture a scene, every bit of change has contributed significantly to the industry. There are countless ways in which you can shoot a scene and make it appealingly perfect when it comes to video techniques.

Volumetric video is one such video technique to shoot a three-dimensional space. Videographers use a volumetric studio to make everything happen in a much more defined way. Since its inception, the volumetric video has made quite a buzz in the industry.

In this article, you will learn more about volumetric video and how they are gaining popularity in the videography world.


What is Volumetric Video?

There are different techniques used to capture various scenes and locations. Volumetric video is a video technique to shoot a three-dimensional space, which is difficult to cover with a regular videography method. Sometimes, a volumetric 3D studio is used for better efficacy.

With volumetric video techniques, data is acquired from the scene, which can be further displayed on a flat-screen, VR goggles, or 3D displays. The best thing about the volumetric video is that the customer will get the immersive experience of watching a three-dimensional video.

Brief History of Volumetric Video

Before the volumetric studio came into existence, and this video technique got worldwide popularity, there was a time when this method was struggling to enter the mainstream.

Over the years, we have watched sci-fi movies that take 3D real-world visuals to another level. But it was not possible to imbibe in the videography world. With constant evolvements and the growing advancements in the videography industry, data processing, computer graphics, and optics became a reality.

After the invention of 360 degrees videos and stereoscopic movies, the volumetric video brought the next evolution in the world of videography. It changed all the norms by offering real-time immersive three-dimensional video experience. It amalgamates the special content with immersion that has proven to be the record-breaking development in the videography since the formation of contemporary cinema.

There have been plenty of changes in the volumetric video over the years, be it the introduction of volumetric 3 D studio. This video technique got so much popularity that it got its own video market report in May 2018, and the online publication for the volumetric video came out in November 2019.

In the coming few years, we can witness volumetric video taking over the world of videography and motion pictures. With its current growth, we can certainly assume that volumetric video is here to stay for long.

The Market Growth of Volumetric Video

There’s no doubt in asserting that volumetric video is becoming everyone’s favorite. The market in APAC (Asia Pacific) for volumetric video is segmented into Japan, South Korea, China, New Zealand, and Australia. The Asia Pacific is considered to be the growing market for volumetric video.

When it comes to the major hike in demand for the volumetric 3D studio, China and Japan certainly top the list. Consumers in these countries have a growing interest in 3D imaging systems, thereby increasing the popularity of volumetric videos. As it has a diverse application and can be used in various activities, many industries have also taken help from this video technique, such as sports, medical, engineering, etc.

The market dominants for volumetric videos are Microsoft Corporation, Intel Corporation, Google LLC, Facebook Inc, 4D View Solutions, etc. According to Volumetric Capture, Application, and Content Delivery, the volumetric video market is expected to from $ 1.4 to $5.8 billion by the year 2025, which is quite a stunning forecast. The increasing application of this technique is a clear indication of its future prospects. As several industries have already adopted it into their practice, it will not be hard to sky-rocket its reach.

The Bottom Line

Different techniques of videography are used to capture things differently. Volumetric video is the current sensation that allows us to capture three-dimensional space with ease. The video can be further displayed on a flat-screen, VR goggles, and 3D devices. With the inclusion of a volumetric studio, people can get a more immersive experience and get all the data collected rightly displayed in real-time.

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