The Facts about SaaS Backups Explained

Businesses of all types are presently using SaaS solutions for almost every aspect of their business. These solutions have become extremely popular as they are allowing businesses to use them for accounting, communication, collaboration, sales and much more. Just like office 365 and Google have become indispensable to organizations for their day to day functions so needs to have solutions like SaaS backup for office 365. Cloud services are allowing businesses to access data from anywhere regardless of whether they are working from their offices or overseas locations. While businesses will be happy with these solutions they must also realize they are responsible for the data in the cloud because the SaaS vendor does not accept any responsibility in this regard. Therefore if your data is hacked or an employee empties the data into the recycle bin businesses will be facing a problem that would be difficult to recover from. Therefore they are recommended also to invest in a SaaS backup solution.

Large SaaS vendors like Microsoft, Google, and SalesForce are major players in the industry providing these solutions. They are doing a fantastic job of storing and protecting your data at the basic level. However, it does not indicate that they are invulnerable. Data collected by independent surveys provide evidence that approximately 33% of SaaS users have lost data in the cloud either from malicious or accidental deletion.

SaaS solutions have also been the victim of ransomware at tax as late as 2017 when thousands of computers across the US and Europe using Microsoft Windows were attacked. Microsoft products have also been a victim of attacks a few months before they were victimized in 2017.

The risk of losing important documents through the SaaS is prevalent and despite the providers of these solutions making efforts to protect against natural disasters they have been pretty unsuccessful at protecting data users from losses due to matters like user error, malicious attacks and overwriting good data with bad.

The information provided about should give you an indication of how important it is to invest in SaaS backup for office 365 including SharePoint and OneDrive. CloudAlly is offering different backup opportunities according to the capability of the application. The various issues of backing up data for office 365 will be mitigated when businesses turn towards third-party solutions offered by providers like CloudAlly because this provider can protect their business better than relying on other applications that are also available.

Businesses must realize that when using a third-party solution for a cloud to cloud backup such as SaaS backup for office 365 they should be able to activate the backups for their entire organization from one location. They can rely on SaaS to assist them with the job of safeguarding their data. A solution provider like CloudAlly can assist businesses to keep their data on office 365, SharePoint, Google suite and other platforms at a single convenient location. It can also backup all the data every night at a predesignated time providing businesses with the ability to activate their daily backups without having to remain concerned about them until the data needs to be accessed. The ability to manage the backups from a single platform by reviewing backup activity as well as new and current users is also provided. Businesses can also rest assured they can recover lost or corporate data from one or more SaaS applications at one time by performing a non-destructive restore for quick and convenient access to all their data. Therefore it is recommended that businesses consider the solution being provided by CloudAlly for safeguarding their data on SaaS applications rather than rely on any commitments made by the vendors providing these applications.