The Quick and Easy Way To TextNow App For Android

If you are using an Android device you would undoubtedly have heard about the TextNow app for Android which offers you a whole set of features causing you to believe this app is a must-have and leading you on a wild goose chase in search of the same. You may have your reasons why you are looking for this app from different providers when you can easily use the TextNow app APK download and have all the features offered by this app in your android device within a few minutes. APK is a leading provider of android apps and has a collection of thousands. TextNow is just another app in the collection of APK that you will be able to download to your android device.

Why would you want the TextNow app on your android phone? One can understand that the app offers you opportunities to make any number of phone calls between USA and Canada as well as send unlimited text messages to these locations for free. You also have an option to earn some free money by completing offers on your account for making low-cost international calls. The features offered by this app would have encouraged you into looking for the same and the fact that the app is absolutely free may have made the offer look even better.

The TextNow app is certainly beneficial for an Android user who is active with his or her device for the better part of the day and is looking forward to using all the exciting features offered by the app. Users will certainly enjoy sending and receiving messages, Emoticons, earn credits for calling by completing offers from partners or purchasing minute packs. Users can also set customized ringtones and text alerts apart from backgrounds for individual contacts. This app is offering everything a user might decide to make his or her Android device even better than it already is.

The TextNow app for Android is available free of charge from APK without any catches. Users that are wary about free offers are advised that the app by itself is available for free but will be provided with a few ads which the developers are promoting to generate some revenue for themselves. If you are not in favor of the ads appearing on your android device you have the option of purchasing a subscription for removing them. This is quite a common feature that is used by most developers for generating revenue even as they are offering the apps they develop for free.

Understanding that the app is available for free you may believe you should be heading to the Google play store rather than browse over the Internet and search for APKapps. However, you must understand that the Google play store is flooded with thousands or millions of apps that are being provided by different developers. You could easily come across an app similar to TextNow and decide to download the same without considering the benefits of drawbacks of such activity. Google is not developing any of these apps and is depending on third-party providers for all the apps needed by Android devices. APKapps is a reliable provider of android apps that has a collection of thousands of apps under its roof. Apart from TextNow app for Android, you will also be able to find apps suitable for other uses such as antivirus, themes, wallpapers, launchers, and the list could leave you browsing on the website for a long time to come even after you have located and downloaded the TextNow app APK download. You are unlikely to be disappointed when you visit the website of because you would have located one of the best websites for all types of apps for Android devices.

Textnow app for android