The USA Has Some Great Medical Equipment Companies On Its Soil

The USA has already been at the forefront of innovations in various fields and they have not lagged behind in the field of medical equipment. One can find a number of medical equipment companies in the USA that are not only involved in the manufacture and sale of medical equipment but are also involved in distribution of products that are developed in faraway countries like Israel that has also established a reputation for itself as an innovator in medical, agriculture, defense and other products. Medical equipment companies from Israel have established partnerships with companies in the USA for promoting equipment to diagnose the problem of sleep apnea from home.

Itamar medical which is a medical company located in Israel and is focusing on leading the integration of sleep apnea management into the cardiac patient care pathway has a strategic marketing agreement for its products with Medtronic and DeVilbiss in the US. Itamar medical has its corporate headquarters, research and development facilities, and manufacturing look at it in Israel and the company markets, services and supports its products throughout the globe. It also has wholly-owned subsidiaries in the US and Japan apart from distribution channels throughout the world.

Does the US need another medical equipment company when the local market already looks saturated? When the type of innovative products developed by Itamar medical is considered the US would definitely believe that this medical equipment company has taken an important step to make life easier for the millions of people in the US that are suffering from the problem of obstructive sleep apnea. The company could also prove beneficial for people and youngsters, in particular, to diagnose themselves against endothelial function which can be a concerning problem if not attended to in its early stages.

Itamar medical was founded in 1997 and the medical equipment company is engaged in the research and development of non-invasive medical devices for diagnosing various medical conditions including cardiovascular disease and respiratory disorders. The initial product lines from Itamar medical are based on the unique technology developed by the company and are known as WatchPat which is used for diagnosing sleep apnea from and the EndoPat device which is the only one approved by the FDA for testing endothelial function to assess the risk of coronary artery disease and other cardiovascular conditions.

The strategic partnerships developed by Itamar medical in the US only extends its line of products to a market which may already have a number of other similar developers operating in the market. However Itamar medical has achieved a unique position by providing solutions both to patients and physicians that are not just proving ideal but are improving the kind of solutions being offered to patients faster. Itamar medical is not trying to increase the competition with its counterparts but is only offering solutions that are acknowledged as the best in the world and have also been approved by the FDA for the purpose they had been developed.

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