What Are The Things I Should Consider While Purchasing A Cloud Backup And What’s the Use Of Cloud Disaster Recovery Along with Cloud Backup?

The question above is quite large and therefore one would expect a large answer for the same. However, we are trying to provide you with the basic needs which must be considered when choosing a cloud backup provider or understanding how cloud disaster recovery will be useful for you with the backup service you purchase.

When you begin your search for a cloud backup service provider you will undoubtedly come across numerous providers on the market who will all be vying for your attention. However, you will not be in a position to make a choice unless you are prepared to gather some information from the provider you have chosen for your company. These questions are important and could be the difference between dealing with a reputed organization on one that may not be able to provide you the services adequately. The onus of asking the questions mentioned apart from any other rests upon your shoulders because you are entrusting an unknown service provider with data pertaining to your business. Therefore Bear in mind that the questions must be asked without exceptions.

When choosing a cloud backup service provider one of the first things you need to consider is whether the company you have chosen is trustworthy and reputable. Do they have data centers in your country or elsewhere? Can they offer data seeding and recovery via portable media whenever needed? Is the solution they offer encrypted? You can also collect information about their average compression ratio as well as their billing model.

Dealing with a cloud backup service provider that is certified by ISO 27,001 and other regulatory bodies is the best option for you because they are audited a credible authority regularly.

When you choose a cloud backup service provider should also be inquiring whether they can offer a cloud disaster recovery service along with the cloud backup chosen by you. The answer you receive will help you will help you to decide whether we should be dealing with the provider on not. Your data in the cloud can be lost forever because of a number of reasons. It would not only affect business continuity but also cause you financial losses which would be difficult to recover. Therefore the cloud backup service provider must also include cloud disaster recovery services along with the cloud backup you purchase. It is a guarantee of sorts that you will not lose data which you have stored with your chosen cloud backup service provider.

Working with a cloud backup service provider is an intimate relationship and therefore you need to be comfortable working with the team and also have confidence they can deliver the solutions they promised for you and your business needs. The solution being offered to you should be a powerful and cover all the requirements you have things will be even better if the cloud backup service provider can provide you agentless cloud backup solutions that have the potential to backup physical and virtual environments, your data in the cloud such as Google apps, office 365, SalesForce, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and any other which you may be using. Having an agentless solution will ensure you do not need to invest in intense management and will have an environment which is not invasive.

The most important thing to consider when you begin combating providers is to ensure you have understood their pricing model comprehensively to give you the ability to make a comparison before you decide on any provider. You just need to understand that the most affordable price on paper may not always be the best for your business when you begin working with it and discover drawbacks which can prove expensive.

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