What Does ZZZPat Have Anything to Do With Sleep Apnea?

Itamar Medical

If you are suffering from sleep apnea and are using the WatchPat device to understand the severity of your condition we are certain you would be confused by the term zzzpat and believe it has nothing to do with the condition of sleep apnea you are suffering from. You may even question the treating physician what is zzzpat in sleep apnea diagnosis? However, you will not be in a position, to ignore this term because it is a software program developed by Itamar medical which has been producing and selling the WatchPat device for the diagnosis of sleep apnea.

WatchPat is a device which can record data from the body of an individual who may be suffering from sleep apnea. The device can be used conveniently from the comfort of the home of the patient or even at the point of care in the cardiologist’s office. The data collected by the device is transmitted to a computer for deriving immediate results and beginning the treatment needed by the patient. The zzzpat is a software program which facilitates the transmission of data between the device and the computer of either the physician or the cardiologist.

People that are not familiar with this term are not likely to understand how the software program can help with the diagnosis of sleep apnea. Patients usually strap the WatchPat device on their wrist when they are required to undergo a test for sleep apnea. In many cases, the device is strapped on the rest of the patient overnight. The data collected by the device needs to be downloaded by the prescribing physician or cardiologist to understand whether the patient is in need of regular or advanced treatment for the condition of sleep apnea. Downloading the data collected by the device needs a software program on the computer and cannot be managed manually. This is the reason why Itamar medical has developed the zzzpat software for the benefit of medical practitioners.

The most popular version of the zzzpat software is and over 98% installations of this version have already been downloaded. The package for the setup generally installed approximately 103 files and the size of the software is about 521 KB. Users that have downloaded the software are mostly using it on PCs with operating systems of Windows 10 and Windows 7. 90% of the users of the zzzpat software are located in the United States but the software is also popular in Italy.

The zzzpat software can be considered as an essential upgrade to an already existing software within the WatchPat device and is similar to normal upgrades of software which is generally observed that most developers. It allows users to connect their WatchPat device to the computer by using a USB cable, backup any or all study files they have collected to a safe location and save the file on the computer to be run later or even immediately. This is a software upgrade which provides users not just to save the data they have collected to a location of their choice and make it accessible to them anytime when necessary. Patients who believe it may have nothing to do with the diagnosis of sleep apnea are advised to reconsider their opinion because the software is fully capable of providing more data to the treating physician which eventually will mean the difference between receiving appropriate treatment or falling prey to a problem and never expected. Users should be happy that Itamar medical is consistently making efforts to ensure they provide the best products and services along with upgrades for the diagnosis of sleep apnea and this is the reason why the company has achieved the pole position in the market.