Why WatchPat Is Preferred For The Assessment of Sleep-Related Disordered Breathing

Sleep-related disordered breathing is a common problem in patients that are suffering from heart disease. This is associated with a range of physiological disorders with cardiovascular problems being the most salient and life-threatening. Patients suffering from this problem were until this moment recommended to undergo a sleep apnea test in a clinic which caused them discomfort and inconvenience. However, with the introduction of the WatchPat home sleep monitor my Itamar medical, patients now have a better option to get themselves diagnosed and receive the treatment they need from the comfort of their home. Itamar medical has also introduced the Watch Pat 200 for diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea which is a common condition affecting patients with metabolic consequences and numerous potential neurocognitive and cardiovascular problems.

Effective treatment for diagnosing sleep apnea is certainly available with the introduction of home sleep apnea testing which is also identified as portable monitoring. This is proving to be a viable option for professionals monitoring sleep apnea. The home sleep apnea testing devices which are presently available are user-friendly and portable and provide reliable results. Numerous studies conducted randomly to compare ambulatory and laboratory-based approaches have identified that the home sleep apnea test is not inferior as compared to a laboratory test in adults especially among patients with a high likelihood of moderate to severe diseases. Therefore the home sleep apnea test is proving to be the go-to approach for patients that are likely to be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea but are free from other major medical conditions.

The home sleep apnea test with Watch Pat 200 is favorable because of the convenience it offers. Patients are not required to stay overnight at a sleep center and are also relieved from the cumbersome wires that are attached to the body. The WatchPat home testing device can be sent home from the office of the doctor to allow a quicker turnaround time for the diagnosis. In lab testing requires the patient to pay for space, scoring, technicians and other expenditure while home sleep apnea testing is a cost-efficient procedure both for the patient as well as the health care system.

The WatchPat home sleep monitor is not just easy to use but is also accurate for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea. It is the only device approved by the FDA for measuring true sleep time and all sleep stages along with body position without the use of EEG. This is proving to be highly beneficial for patients that were reluctant to undergo the traditional polysomnography tests which are considered as the gold standard but subject the patient to numerous problems which relate to the costs of the diagnosis apart from the time taken for testing the patient in an unfamiliar environment and the delays experienced in receiving the results of the testing.

Patients suffering from sleep-related disordered breathing are generally susceptible to problems such as hypertension, strokes, cardiovascular problems and heart failure. These people stand a better chance of responding to any treatment which is offered to them when they receive the same as early as possible. In lab sleep clinics can take weeks or months even to confirm an appointment apart from the cumbersome procedures patients are required to undergo when getting themselves diagnosed. On the other hand, Watch Pat 200 allows patients to receive a diagnosis either at the practice of the cardiologist or from the comfort of their home without the need to undergo cumbersome procedures. This could perhaps be the reason why the WatchPat home sleep apnea monitor is being preferred for the assessment of obstructive sleep apnea.