How to Avoid Buffering During a Live Broadcast?‎

How to Avoid Buffering During a Live Broadcast?

Imagine you are finally watching the entire season of your favorite sitcoms with your besties on a weekend thanks to the live broadcast and suddenly the videos start buffering. Won’t you feel embarrassed and angry? We bet you would. So, you should learn to avoid such a situation by reading a few tips we mentioned right here.

Basics of Buffering

We are sure most of you know what buffering is or have experienced it but for the novices out there, buffering is constant restarting of a video and the persistent presence of a screen that reads “loading”. It happens for different reasons but the most common ones are a technical problem in the video service or poor internet connectivity. When the internet connection is good the speed of downloading the video would be faster than your speed of watching and there would be no buffering. But when the speed of downloading is too low as compared to the speed at which the video is progressing, buffering occurs. Buffering can be resolved in a few seconds or it can bore you for minutes, depending on the severity of the root cause.

How to Avoid Buffering

Get a Good Internet Connection: As stated before, in most cases, buffering occurs when your internet connection speed is too low and more time is required to download a video or transmit it live to your device. To solve this problem, you should analyze the internet speed offered by your current internet service provider and upgrade a plan if possible. If you can find a better internet package from another internet service provider, don’t hesitate to switch.

A few Users at a Time: If you know that the speed of your internet is not that good and you are using a Wi-Fi that’s shared by many members of your family, you should request them to stop using the internet when you are enjoying a particular show or a sports event. Another option is to live stream when you are alone at home so that you can watch your favorite TV show or sports event without any interruption.

Use the Right Accessory: Many people are not aware of the fact that sometimes making a small change can solve a big problem. The same rule applies to live broadcast or even live webcasting. If you think that your Wi-Fi is not working properly while the router is getting good internet speed then you should consider using an Ethernet cable or accessories which are especially designed for AV. It will help you in maintaining the speed of the router’s capabilities. Buy the accessory that has the best ratings to ensure that you don’t end up wasting your money or better yet, ask a tech geek for recommendations.

Distance Matters: No matter how much you pay for a Wi-Fi service, every device would have its restrictions. One of such restrictions is distance. When the Wi-Fi router is placed in one part of your home and you are working in another, you might get a lower speed. This problem can be solved simply by buying a new router with more range, shifting yourself near the Wi-Fi or moving the Wi-Fi to your room.

Keep Upgrading the Internet: To get the maximum out of your live webcasting and live broadcast experience, you should keep upgrading the internet plans as internet technology is growing at a fast pace and new internet speeds are tested and launched after every short while.

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