Top Benefits of Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication is an excellent invention that allows vehicles on the road to interact with each other or the traffic infrastructure. This technology is gaining popularity at a rapid pace and a lot of research is being done in this sphere. If you want to know whether buying a vehicle with this technology is worth your dollars or not then here is the list of top benefits you can expect when you invest in this technology!

Pedestrian Safety

Is your biggest fear while driving a vehicle is that you will end up hurting an innocent pedestrian? Do you always worry that one wrong turn would have you ramming into a pedestrian who is just crossing the street while listening to music? If so, then you need to trust Vehicle to Vehicle Communication as this technology would let you know if your vehicle is getting too close to pedestrians. This technology also works when the pedestrians are hidden by other vehicles, road configuration, poor lighting or even weather conditions like fog or rainfall.

Your Safety

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication is an awesome solution for you if you fear being involved in an accident and losing your life or injuring yourself badly. This technology lets you keep a safe distance from vehicles, roadblocks, cyclists, pedestrians, sharp curves and any other thing that might lead to an accident. This technology reduces the chance of a human error and has a wider reach and better functionality as compared to even the most advanced sensors.

Best Routes

Who doesn’t want to reach their destination on time and quickly? Sure, we all do. Vehicle to Vehicle Communication makes it easier than ever before. It allows cars to communicate with other vehicles traffic lights, traffic management centers and road signs so that you can always know the best route from point A to destination B. This technology can also help you avoid red lights by suggesting the speed which will let you get the most amount of green lights.

Money Savings

Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe spend countless hours stuck in traffic especially when they are going to the office or returning from work. The time spent in sitting in the vehicle makes a person feel more tired and people rarely do something productive during this time. The time spent is quite useless and can cause losses to an economy because its human resources are losing productivity. When v2v technology is implemented, traffic congestion could be avoided as transport authorities will have access to real-time traffic data that ensures improved infrastructure planning and better road management. Traffic congestion also leads to more burning of expensive fuel which can also be avoided easily with v2v.

Fun Factor

Believe it or not, many people consider driving to be a chore and they often prefer public transport to avoid the stress of driving. V2v communication will take most of the stress out of driving and make it fun again. How? Assume that you don’t meet get stopped at a single traffic signal when you are going to the office. Won’t it make your mornings more pleasant? Similarly, when you don’t have to worry about leaving a party early because of visibility issues, you will be able to relax fully and enjoy it a bit more!

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