Risk intelligence Software: Everything you need to know

From social media to the dark web, the different layers of the internet hold confidential and public data that needs to be swiftly and anonymously accessed by governments and security agencies to keep ahead of any criminal or terrorist risks that could be building up.

Risk intelligence software enables analysts to be deployed across social media, mobile apps, and the dark web to harvest important data in monitoring and identifying potentially illegal activities on the internet.

Threat actors and networks increasingly leverage these platforms to conduct operations with seeming invisibility.

So the need to collect data related to risk intelligence and expose these criminal footprints not only helps make swift decision-making more efficient and focused but can form the backbone of any planning in intelligence methodologies going forward.

With online risks originating from across the world, the need to remain dynamic, agile and to neutralize risks from arising is paramount.

The key to risk intelligence solutions is to combine real-time incident response and proactively monitor for malware and ransomware targeting critical aspects of organizations and block those threats.

Since it is almost impossible for IT professionals to constantly monitor for new threats by criminals or organized groups who regularly change their methods, threat intelligence platforms work automatically, allowing organizations to remain dynamic and mitigate threats.

Today, an analyst can utilize robust web intelligence solutions to monitor online activity and collect and analyze data for risk threats from endless digital channels – from the open, deep, and dark web to mobile and social.

Using an automated web intelligence platform, analysts can quickly identify new threats and groups, reveal hidden data and complete an entire investigation speedily that would otherwise take several agonizing weeks to collate and sift.

A dark web monitoring platform can help analysts identify new risks while uncovering potential profiles and groups across the web using automated, advanced search capabilities.

Users will gain deep insights and substantial intelligence, including locations, context, internal relations, group structures, and hierarchies. With all this information, they can effectively assess risk levels.

Harnessing advanced, proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Cobwebs’ threat intelligence platform meets the needs of private and government sectors with simplicity and efficiency.

Tools have been used to extract information from the web’s big data using the latest machine learning algorithms, automatically generating critical insights. The software provides unique 360-degree situational awareness to potential risks and offers real-time intelligence insights generated via online content monitoring.

Risk intelligence software can also be used intelligently to gain critical insights into web data, reveal social circles and connections, and enable analysts to understand intentions and extract locations.

The tools cover real-time insights from various inputs, including keywords, accounts, groups, pages, websites, geo-fences.

Such solutions streamline operations, taking all data feeds into one AI-powered engine, making it easier for users to visualize the raw indicators turned into actionable intelligence. Once malicious assets are identified, the solution then rapidly analyzes and conducts deep threat investigations to prevent and mitigate risks or threats.

Advanced intelligence software can also monitor unusual patterns that are isolated and put into context, why the risk exists, what provoked the risk and the threat they potentially pose in the short, medium, and long-term.

Threat intelligence software also provides shared access to source material and assessments to all team members and departments using the software, leading to enhanced collaboration that, in turn, identifies and handles threats faster.

And once the risk is exposed, actions can be taken swiftly to mitigate, manage or neutralize that potential from realizing any intended aims or objectives.