What Is SOAR And Things To Know About It


Security orchestration, automation and Response or more commonly known as SOAR cybersecurity platforms help in coordinating, executing and automating tasks between various people and tools. This allows different organizations as well as companies to respond quickly to any kind of cyber threat and improve their overall security posture. Security playbooks are used by the SOAR tools in order to automate and coordinate workflows that might include several numbers of disparate security tools as well as human tasks.

Ways by which a comprehensive SOAR product improve security operations

  • Combines SOAR security orchestration, intelligent automation, incident management and interactive investigations into one single solution.
  • Facilitates team collaboration in order to break down silos and enables security analysts to take automatic actions on the tools across their security stack.
  • Provides the security team with a single, centralized console in order to manage and coordinate all the aspects of their company’s security.
  • Optimize case management, create efficiency for opening and closing tickets and investigate and resolve incidents.

Why is SOAR required by most of the companies?

With the advance in technology, the companies of present days are becoming more exposed to cyber security threats. A security breach might impact an organization in the worst possible ways and some organization can never overcome those impacts at all. Some of the challenges faced by the organizations of modern days which require SOAR are:

  1. The cyber criminals do not have only a way of hacking and they update and adapt modern ways to attack different networks users in the most unpredictable ways. So with this growing volume of complex, unpredictable security threats and malicious attackers, the organizations need more powerful cyber security solutions.
  2. Most of the smaller as well as bigger organizations might be exposed to an overwhelming number of security threats which might make it difficult for the security teams to manually sort through, prioritize, investigate and address.
  3. It might increase the expenses of the organization if it hires permanent IT professionals to look after the security issuers of an organization. But with the help of the best SOAR security platforms, the organizations might be able to take care of their cyber security concerns in a more cost effective manner.

Benefits of implementing SOAR security automation

  1. Improves incident response with threat intelligence:  SOAR security consolidates all the security tools into one and optimizes the threat intelligence workflow that can automatically determine as well as address issues in real time. This allows the users of SOAR security solutions to react faster as well as in the most efficient ways to any kind of threat and also to stop potential breaches.
  2. Resolve the security alerts in a proactive manner: When alerts and the other related data are being assessed at a very high speed, your analysts will have the bandwidth for gathering evidence and other relevant security event context proactively which allows better investigation, helps in faster decision making and even in effective breach prevention.
  3. Enhances efficiency in automated metrics and reporting: You will be able to save enough time which was required for gathering and sorting through metrics and reports, analytics. By using a robust SOAR solution, reports can be generated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, which include even the undocumented activities. They will provide clear visibility into the state of security within your organization with easily understandable progress bars and other crucial business metrics to maintain real time reports within an organization’s centralized dashboards.
  4. Improve security operations center management with standardized processes: By implementing centralized Security Operation Center (SOC) management systems, an organization can maintain better internal as well as regulatory compliance. Besides, using an automation platform built with SOCs in mind, can allow the organization to better prioritize as well as optimize alert remediation.
  5. Power orchestration with automation: Orchestration allows to improve the security processes of an organization by combining all the existing resources in order to work together. This technology is beyond reactionary models and can be more proactive in defending an organization from any kind of internet threats by implementing modern strategies with comprehensive data gathering as well as workflow management.

So, in order to streamline your incident response workflows and improve overall security operations get the best SOAR security solution for your organization.

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