How does text messaging benefit school communication? 

Text messaging for schools is very essential. Any sort of information to be passed to the parents regarding the fee submission, sudden announcements of holidays, or updates on the examination forms can be given through the messages. Apart from this, Texting is one of the best ways to indulge in two-way communication. Since most of the parents are busy in their professional lives, it becomes difficult to arrange any sort of meetings and seminars. The schools have adopted many new communication ways that are useful in getting aligned with the existing students and also the ways to attract new students for admissions. Texting services for schools is said to be more reliable than the information shared on social media platforms.

Benefits of Text messages in Schools:


  1. Convenience: Knowing the fact that around 98% of people check upon their messages, it becomes clear that text messaging is one of the most convenient forms of delivering messages. Not everyone has the time to check emails daily or scroll through social media. But going through a received text message does not feel much of a burden. It is very much convenient for people to have a look at their message box and go through them easily. You don’t have to login anywhere to read a message. The small updates on the school could be also forwarded easily through a text message.


  1. No applications required: Many schools introduce a system to create class groups on different types of apps. The teachers usually pressurize the parents to log in to these groups. It feels like a burden to be on an application that regularly notifies you of every small task to be performed. Most of the people tend to leave these groups, which is not a good solution. Messages are not received daily but give a good impact when received.


  1. Text Messages are never ignored: Almost everyone reads the messages on their phone. If you have an important message to deliver like a sudden holiday announcement or the exam postponed or any other important message, Text messages are the best way to make it reach a larger number of people. Having an email is also considered of importance but a text message plays a bigger role.


  1. Urgent messages: Urgent messages are used when there seems to be no response to the calls made. SMS can alert them with no minimal fuss. The privacy of parents should also be respected. They also might be working in an organization or maybe attending a meeting in the office. In that case, a phone call can be very crucial to make and messages could be the right way to convey the message. If a student falls sick and wants to go home, it is better to make a call first, but along with it is also important to send a text message to make them play your part.


  1. Exam reminders: The reminders for exams could be sent as a message in bulk to all the parents to ensure them that the students prepare well for exams. Any kind of changes made in the timetable or the additions regarding the school hours could also be sent as a text message for quick attention.


  1. Most preferable message source: Most of the students as well as their parents prefer to share information as a text message. As it can be opened with a click on the pop-up notification. More than 80% of the students find text messages a lot beneficial and an informed source.


  1. Scheduling parent-teacher meeting: If the teacher decides that there should be a parent-teacher meeting, she could send a text and wait for the reply. Both the parent and the teacher can conclude with the help of text communication and set the perfect time for it.



There are a lot of matters in school that need to be put in the concern of the parent. For this purpose, it is best to choose a way of texting a message to them. Any sort of information regarding the student’s behavior or the school’s activity could be made clear with the help of SMS. Being responsible parents, they always must check upon their student’s educational progress and teacher’s responses.


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