3D Scan Editing Software Tools

If you are new to 3D scanning, choosing a good software can make your work significantly easier. The best software offers not only standard capabilities but also advanced features for added convenience, power, and ease of use.

Below is a brief overview of popular software, in addition to other tips that are useful when starting out.


This is the go-to desktop program for viewing and modifying meshes. It contains more tools than you’ll ever need. And the main menu is loaded with useful icons, so you don’t have to remember which menu the tool was in.

There are several tools for automated mesh mending, with numerous customization possibilities. This is a good product that is worth the time it takes to set up.


Demonstrates the excellent product quality and professional interface that Autodesk is known for. A useful sidebar allows you to access the tools you want, and you can even use the 3D scan editing software from the program.

It’s remarkable that this tool is accessible for free from a provider that has a reputation for high-quality products.


Blender has the most difficult learning curve of all of the apps featured, yet it is quite powerful. Blender is used for a lot more than just editing model files; thus, it might be difficult to discover what you’re looking for.

The good news is that the Blender community is enthusiastic, and there are several videos on YouTube to help you get started or even become an expert. Meshlab or Meshmixer are generally better choices for inexperienced users.

Scandy Pro

Scandy Pro does provide a rudimentary editing suite. Crop, decimate, and smooth options are available within the program to tidy up and improve the look of your scans before sharing or uploading to your PC.

Most of us find it helpful to schedule crop scans to remove noise from our phones before sharing. In most circumstances, it is simpler to accomplish on the phone, especially with lower file sizes, than on a laptop or desktop system.

Create Amazing 3D Images With a 3D Capture Studio

3D images have become an essential tool for designers, illustrators, and interior decorators. While in the past, the availability of 3D printers limited the usage of this technology to a crafty niche, the demand for affordable and accessible 3D capture services has grown exponentially.

What Is a 3D Capture Studio?

This is a facility that specializes in the production of high-quality, full-color 3D models, renders, and more. It is equipped with a wide range of different technologies, including 3D printing, scanning, and computer vision.

With the right combination of equipment and expertise, you can create stunning 3D images that will turn your ideas into reality.

Create Stunning 3D Products With Your 3D Printer

Most 3D printers have a default model that accepts standard files and prints in a few hours. If you own a more advanced 3D printer, you can create more advanced models, including 3D printable furniture and toys.

If you are willing to spend a little more money, you can rent capable 3D printers and work with more advanced materials like plastic, metal, stone, and more.

Use Your 3D Printer to Model and Create Physical Goods

If you are looking to create more advanced models, such as furniture, toys, or advertisements, you might consider hiring a 3D modeler. Modelers have experience creating more complex models, such as furniture, and can create more realistic 3D images. This can be helpful when you are creating realistic and reliable products that will stand the test of time.


While 3D capture services are primarily used by designers, you can use them in all creative fields. Whether you are a creative professional looking to expand your horizons, or a student looking to explore your interests, a 3D capture studio can help you create stunning 3D images that will help you develop creative ideas.