3d Technology Company, Meet Mantis Vision

Would it be possible for you to take a three-dimensional picture from your smartphone or scan an object by using your tablet to send it to a 3D printer? It would earlier have been impossible for you even to consider having such technology in your handheld devices. Fortunately Mantis Vision, the 3D technology company is introducing the technology by putting powerful 3D scanners even on mobile devices including the handheld scanner. They are in the process of introducing the smartphone 3D scanner which will allow you to capture objects from your mobile phone by using the unique structured light sensor technology.

Mantis Vision was founded in 2005 and is developing technologies and products which will bring 3D to every mobile device regardless of whether it is being used within the home or for business. The hardware and software component solutions are based on its core MV4D motion capable 3D image ranging technology and are designed to enable user-generated content throughout the 3D ecosystem. The MV4D solutions begin with the proprietary structured light pattern. Mantis Vision has patented the motion-capable 3D technology for range imaging after it was developed to allow accurate capture of 3D data in different scenes.

The pattern that is projected on physical objects and environments is captured by a synced Camara and processed by the structured light algorithms developed by Mantis Vision to deliver an accurate and detailed depth map of the scene captured.

Mantis Vision has received its funding from eight investors with Glory Ventures and Samsung Catalyst fund being the most recent investors. The company has acquired a couple of organizations with the most recent acquisition being BrainVU on September 5, 2018.

As a company Mantis Vision has been providing 3D scan solutions including the F6 handheld 3D scanner, 3D object scanner, 3D camera phone technology as well as structured light sensor technology. The unique virtual reality technology is enabling next-generation depth vision and 3D face recognition for mobile phones and a number of other handheld devices.

Users of cell phones and handheld scanners that were looking forward to augmented reality can now rest assured they will have this technology available to them from Mantis Vision. This company has combined the strengths of structured light with cutting-edge algorithms to enable the highest levels of details and top performance which is proven. By combining the cutting-edge 3D content creation software the company enables users to create content as well as instant virtual and augmented reality experience. The technology from Mantis Vision is robust, scalable and with minimum thickness making it a smart choice for any form factor including handheld devices, smart connected devices, multi-camera volumetric solutions, and professional handheld scanners.

The software from Mantis Vision optimizes the core sensing technology by providing a comprehensive 3D processing pipeline. The solution addresses the sensing and processing needs for auto calibration, high-quality registration, segmentation, data compression and streaming, and VR/MR shading. This technology can allow any user to capture static or dynamic objects, persons or scenes of choice in different ambient light conditions for instantly editing, sharing and streaming the real volumetric content to a platform of their choice.

Mantis Vision is being led by a highly experienced team of professionals with extensive knowledge of 3D technology and is on the verge of introducing to users of smartphones the smartphone 3D scanner. The company has made it possible for everyone to create and forward layers of augmented reality to everyone as 3D content. It is certain that Mantis Vision, the 3D technology company, will captivate the minds of users of smartphones within a short time.

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