Taking Aerial Inspection to New Heights

Camera technology that can offer aerial inspection for various industries is coming more into its own as innovations continue to drive image data collection to new levels of quality and sophistication.

An aerial inspection camera system can provide invaluable data that enables predictive maintenance for inspection missions of power lines, wind turbines, roads, bridges, and pipelines, and agriculture. 

They are also increasingly being deployed in the oil and gas sector for, among other projects, plotting and planning pipelines across vast expanses of land areas.

Energy companies can also use them to establish Rights of Way and even inspect pollution spills close to pipelines. 

Aerial inspection cameras enable extensive surface coverage at extremely high resolution and can provide accurate visualization of objects and the surrounding areas. Damage spotting detection enabling fast repair, with minimal effect to performance or the environment, contribute to them being the ultimate in aerial inspection technology. 

Software Support 

AI Software can detect in excess of 90% of the findings that are often not visible to the human eye. Newly designed systems are fully digitalized and allow easier data integration. 

Highly accurate geo-referenced 3D localization of all sensor data allows to automatically identify and classify components, such as insulators, spacers, dampers etc. 

As a result, artificial intelligence plus machine learning applications enables the quick generation of data models (2D and 3D) and inspection reports. Easy data integration provides easy access via web interface and full integration into customer systems.