The Rise of 3D Scanners

Three-dimensional scanning is a process of analyzing an environment or an object and collecting data about its appearance. The scanning device further creates a 3D digital object which can easily be printed. 

3D scanning can be done on different objects using mobiles or specialized equipment. 3D scanning is applied in different fields such as the automotive industry, which uses 3d scan car to scan automotive parts. 

Modern smartphones are equipped with light detection and ranging capabilities that enable the 3D scanning apps to scan objects without installing any additional softwares. The apps have both free and paid features, hence individuals choose the preferred alternative depending on the need. 

Tips for using a mobile 3d scanner

  • It is recommended to use bright light that spreads on the object to get all the details of the 3D object.
  • Maintain an equal distance when scanning objects to get uniform results. 
  • Try to differentiate objects from their background, especially transparent objects.

Applications of Mobile 3D Scanner

  • Advertising, where one creates filters of 3D objects for marketing campaigns.
  • In architecture, to create true-to-scale models of both interior and exterior spaces of buildings.
  • In the marketplace to showcase products in 3D.
  • In real estate to capture outdoor and indoor properties for marketing purposes.
  • Avatars where one creates avatars that are real for gaming, used in augmented or virtual reality.

3D Scanners for the Automotive Industry

The automotive 3D scanner is widely being applied in automotive applications from design, rapid prototyping, and reverse engineering to quality inspections. They enable automotive manufacturers to capture detailed and accurate data of 3D models however tiny they can be. 

This technology enables automotive manufacturers to:

  • Speed up daily productivity.
  • Manufacture high-performance vehicles with high quality components.
  • Increases trust, hence there is no compromise on quality or safety standards of the vehicles.
  • Shorten the development of products.
  • Provide high accuracy 3D data in all stages of manufacturing workflow.

Most of the automotive 3D scanners are applied in:

  • Rapid prototyping to create high resolution 3D models of components, vehicle systems and designing of new prototypes.
  • Inspection and quality control of CAD models once the 3D data is collected to ensure high quality components are produced.
  • Reverse engineering where automotive parts that lack documentation are captured in 3D format to generate CAD files for future reference.
  • 3D visualization that can scan the interior and exterior of automobiles, hence bringing immersive experiences where customers can easily visualize the cars in virtual form.
  • Virtual simulations that enable one to obtain high-precision 3D models of any automobile part and perform virtual assembly easily. 
  • The 3d car scan enables the digitization of all the existing parts and tools to fully exist in 3D archive format for future analysis and development.  
  • Enabling the design of aftermarket auto parts where auto parts which cannot be found easily are replicated easily in high resolution.

Why use 3d car scans and mobile 3d scanners?

Here are the benefits of the 3D scanners:

  • Produces accurate 3D measurements used for making important decisions.
  • Enables capturing vast amounts of surface information.
  • Turns physical objects into 3D models which can be represented digitally in 3D format.
  • Preserves history by capturing all details of artifacts and fossils in 3D format.
  • Mobile 3D scanners can easily be installed in smartphones, making them portable.
  • Hasten product design and development phase.


It is a new world where technology is powering almost everything. The use of 3D scanners to get three-dimensional digital representations of physical objects has really revolutionized the world. 

The 3d scanners use powerful algorithms with high strength cameras to visualize 3D models. The use of 3d scan car technologies and the mobile 3d scanner has gained popularity in different industries such as automotive, real estate, and the medical field. 3D scanners are taking shape to satisfy consumers’ needs in all fields.