Identifying The Key Benefits Of Biometric Database Security

As we are about to step into a new decade, we can feel that we are surrounded by technology. Our day begins with an alarm from our smart phones and ends with an instruction to your smart phone’s personal assistant to switch off the lights.

What has absolutely ensnared our lives is the presence of artificial intelligence or A.I. Artificial intelligence does not only encompass robots, but all kinds of devices that use man-made instructions to perform certain tasks. A promising technology that predicts merging of man and machine in a near future is already using biometric data to make our life simpler. One of the prime examples of that is fingerprint protection or facial recognition blocking that ensures biometric database security.

Why Should You Use Face Recognition Blocker

With each passing day, the use of facial recognition for identification is increasing. Several companies and government offices around the globe are choosing to use biometric data for entry, exit, as well as for other security purposes. Biometric data has proved to be promising when it comes to protecting important data and keeping track of thousands of employees. Facial recognition system is the way to go if you are looking for anonymity and absolute security.

A reliable facial recognition blocking software will not store your personal data. It will only create and store the image with unique encryption, so that your private data is safe and no one else but you can access the data. This software works in a way so that if the new image does not match with the stored protected image, it will not grant access to the user. It also uses ‘one way hash function’ that prevents reverting back to the original photo. So you can be rest assured that even if your device is stolen, your data is protected. You will not be asked to upload any original photo and it will not store any of your personal data. So, with a facial recognition blocking software, you can be sure of privacy and safety.

The need for it

Now you may ask, why facial recognition blocker? Why not use something else to protect my data? Well, that is because there are several pros to using this software and the cons are next to zero.

A facial recognition software is swift and accurate. When you are using facial recognition system, the first thing you would want is that it recognizes your face accurately and quickly. You use this technology already, when you hold your phone to your face, waiting for it to recognize your face to unlock while seasons change outside!

Another good thing about using facial recognition software is that it will always be authentic. Your face is yours only and the system will grant you access if it is your face itself and nobody else’s. A signature may be forged, but a face can’t be.

Benefits of the system

A facial recognition software is preferred worldwide because of its efficiency and convenience. A system that is quick and accurate makes the work so much easier. And where there are thousands of employees entering exiting daily, it is easy to identify and keep track of them when you are using biometric security system. Moreover, the security system can always grow and manage more and more entries and it will always be secure. A system that is easy to operate and user friendly is bound to be popular.

Still Have A Doubt?

You might still have some doubt regarding the biometric data protection. Is it as safe and efficient as it sounds? In that case, you have the law to protect you. The GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation is a law created by European Union to protect the data and privacy of all citizens under European Union and European Economic Area. This has led to the companies to create stricter security requirements and restriction. Facial images are seen as “Sensitive Personal Data” by the GDPR.

Hence, all the companies are bound to follow the new protection law. You can use the facial recognition system in your enterprise and ensure optimum security. That’s surely a step ahead to embracing innovation in a smart way!