Preventing Next Generation Cyber Fraud With Automated Web Investigations

An Eye Opener

With the use of technology, the Internet, and modern software and programming methods, a rapidly growing proportion of overall fraud is being committed because of the extraordinarily fast developments in technologies and electronic interactions. Fraudsters use novel technologies such as machine learning, bots, computer, and smartphone emulators, to commit fraudulent activities at a global level. This would require to increase our knowledge of the high-tech techniques that both internal and foreign fraudsters are probably using. Although technologies will be part of the strategies of identification and deterrence for handling these cyber threats, a human factor in the acts of cyber theft will still be essential to the war on such crimes.

Automated web investigation tools are used to secure some of the biggest web resources in the world. These tools reduce cyber fraud and violence, addressing multimillion-dollar challenges of online fraud for large multinational corporations spanning various sectors, including online markets, travel, insurance, social media, ticketing, and video gaming.


Modern era | Modern solutions

Today’s global world is gradually giving way to modern and technologically advanced security threats and there is a proliferation of malware attacks. Automated web investigations drive the scope and effect of cybercrime, which for any company with an online footprint may have significant protection and financial consequences. We agree that an approach rooted in mitigation, preventing abusive attacks at the entrance without affecting customer experience, is required to tackle the popular digital fraud crisis.

Our worldwide telemetry identifies customers, who they are, and where they come from across their overall infrastructure, qualifying their risk profile and possible financial credibility.


Intelligence Investigations

Specific demand attacks are particularly important and the most sophisticated digital harassment seen today is encouraged. A headless browser normally renders each request, runs JavaScript like a legitimate user interface, and presents a complex company fingerprint to mask the sources. This systemic approach will decouple tell-tales and mask crucial violations of security.


Cyber Fraud Prevention Through automated Web Investigation Tools 

Here are some next-generation cyber frauds that are prevented by automated web investigations.


  1. Phishing And Scams Of Malware

Phishing is a cyber-attack that utilizes hidden email as a weapon. The intention is to exploit the email receiver to believe that the request is something they still want, such as a request from their bank or a text from someone in their organization, and to click a link or download files. What really defines phishing is the shape the message takes: the hackers disguise as a trustworthy individual of some kind, often an actual or controversially real entity, or an association with which the consumer might deal. Automated web investigations help in coping with such attacks using its key features which filter the emails and incoming email headers to prevent a user from such cyber frauds.


  1. Ransomware 

Ransomware is a cyber-fraud in which an attacker discovers a way to steal stuff from you and expects money in his return. By replacing them with encoded versions, encrypting ransomware, the most popular form, takes away access to your sensitive documents. Fund the ransom and you can get the key to unlocking the papers (you hope). Another kind of ransomware is available that denies the use of your smartphone or computer. The most pernicious instance perhaps is ransomware that encodes your hard disk, making your machine useless. This last form, luckily, is rare. This attack can be prevented by using automated web investigation tools that have advance machine learning algorithm integration and prevents malicious files and scripts from getting into the computer system.


  1. Identity Theft

Identity theft is really common nowadays. in this type of cyber fraud, an attacker steals the identity of financial gain r for false purposes. It is also used by the attacker for character assassination. We can prevent this by using web investigation tools that determine this fraud by analyzing the different features of the cloned identities like geo location and IP address.



A comprehensive multi-layered security policy is crucial when it comes to securing the integrity, money, and data of your credit union. Although advanced technologies such as Automated web investigations and artificial intelligence can enhance identification and response, employee errors may not be compensated by any technology. You need to develop a cyber security strategy that incorporates what succeeds now what improvement can benefit the future, and how well-informed and qualified credit union workers can cope efficiently with risks from the next decade. Capitalize on the tools and advanced monitoring capabilities of Automated Web Investigating Tools to anticipate how such risks or attacks develop and what suspected vulnerabilities are being exploited. Through automated web investigations, we can prevent cyber fraud and can live a safe life.