The Various Application Areas Of Biometric Security Technology

Biometric data is extremely sensitive. It needs to be protected and stored in a way that malicious hackers/organizations cannot steal and misuse it. If your organization stores the biometric information of its employees and customers, then you should invest in a biometric security system of extremely high quality. The human face is full of biometric data, and facial images can actually be manipulated and stolen by identity thieves. To block facial recognition systems from accessing your facial images, you have to think about investing in an advanced security system. This system will also help you to stay in compliance.

The technology developed by the best identity theft protection software developers will help you to stay in compliance with regulations established by data protection and privacy frameworks such as CCPA, GDPR and BIPA. At a much simpler level, it will also help you to protect the integrity of all the sensitive information stored in your database. Here are some of the applications of biometric security technology.


  1. Image and Video Protection

The image and video protection technology will protect your business’ facial images and videos from being misused with the help of facial recognition engines. It has come up with a sophisticated and elegant de-identification system, which can be used to remove all traces of sensitive biometric information from facial images. To the human eye, there will be no difference between the original picture and the protected version.

This de-identification system is encoded into the biometric security system with the help of a Cryptographic Hash Function (CHF). CHFs are one-way functions with no backdoors, and they cannot be reverse engineered. As a result, the facial and video data that you store in your company’s database is going to be completely hack-proof. Even if there is a data breach, the data thieves will not be able to get anywhere with the stolen biometric data.

  1. Biometric Database Security

The de-identification algorithm is one of the most powerful biometric security technologies that are available today. The entire de-identification process is extremely sophisticated – but in terms of concept, it is actually very simple. This simple de-identification and encryption process can successfully take on some of the most powerful facial recognition systems in the world in a head-on manner. Many biometric databases store and disseminate facial information for security or marketing reasons today.

It is the responsibility of these organizations to provide their biometric databases with the highest level of security there is. At the very outset, the data that they hold has to be devoid of any Personally Identifiable Information. The de-identification algorithmic encryption system removes all the recognizable biometric markers from a person’s facial image, and that is why it is one of the most powerful biometric security systems of all time.


Applications of Biometric Security

The biometric security systems are extremely advanced and can be easily adopted and applied by all kinds of organizations. Apart from corporations, businesses, financial institutions, etc. the de-identification and video anonymization system can also be applied by social networking websites and platforms, smart city developments, government institutions, access control mechanisms, etc.

The de-identification system is especially useful for organizations that have to store and work with facial images and information. To prevent the wilful misuse of facial recognition software, organizations need to step up and implement stringent biometric security solutions.

The de-identification system blocks facial recognition algorithms and engines from accessing stolen and protected visual images. Even though the images can still be analyzed with the help of human observers, they will be absolutely unreadable and useless to artificially intelligences.


Compliance with Data Protection and Privacy Regulation

The de-identification process will also help your business to be in 100% compliance with all of the personal information protection regulations set forth by GDPR. According to the GDPR, facial images are extremely sensitive biometric information and businesses may only store them if they can satisfy the stringent security requirements. If you work with the data of EU citizens, then you will have to invest in the proper tools to help keep all of your personal information and data safe.

“Privacy by Choice” is crucial. If your business is responsible for many individuals’ personal information, then you have to do everything in your power to keep their credentials secure. Adopting the right technology is the right step to doing it.

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