AC DC Products Are Beneficial To For Use in Power Electronic Applications


Many companies can offer an extensive range of AC DC products either small power in miniature and fully encapsulate plastic packages or high-power over 300 W in a compact size and metal cases. The models offered to provide a universal input voltage of 85-264 VAC. AC power supply is an energy source and the supply generally employs a transformer for converting the input voltage to higher or lower AC voltage. The use of AC DC products in recent times has become popular by industrial fields, education, healthcare, and many other industries. They are using AC/DC converters such as rectifiers to convert alternating current which can periodically reverse direction to direct current which only flows in a single direction.

Companies offering products for AC DC power supply are located throughout the world as the requirement for the products they supply has expanded to areas that they earlier believed would never develop for want of infrastructure and finances. Presently companies like Horizon Electronics which only had a presence in Israel has expanded its operations to the USA and the UK for providing various types of AC DC products. They have already established a reputation for themselves in their country of origin as reliable borders of AC power supply products having founded the company in 1970 and becoming a leading designer and manufacturer of power supply systems. They specialize in offering products to support harsh environment, industry, civil and defense requirements.

Horizon Electronics has 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing power supply systems. They have delivered over 500,000 power supply units after putting in hundreds of man-hours of power supply expertise and knowledge. They also have a leading customer base which can be the envy of competitors.

The power supply solutions offered by Horizon Electronics are designed for extreme conditions and can fit your unique needs. Located in the harsh conditions of Israel has allowed this company to be prepared to be challenged with the needs of all kinds of environments. They have developed different types of products to suit use cases from industrial units as well as residential properties. Some of the developments of Horizon Electronics include AC/DC products, AC power supply, power converter, electronic loads, front end lightning LED accessories, voltage stabilizer and shield, laboratory power supply, and branded power supply.

They are servicing many sectors and industries by providing power supply equipment to lab providers, medical and cosmetic equipment, rigid environment, industry conductors, printing press, and data centers. Horizon Electronics is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of an extensive range of power conversion products for AC DC power supplies, DC AC inverters, DC-DC power supplies, bidirectional power supplies, high power DC, modular power supplies, medical-grade power supplies, programmable high-power power supplies, and switching power supplies amongst many others. The company is offering solutions for both standard and customized power supply systems.

Horizon Electronics can also provide cooling systems including convection cooling fanless power supplies, forced air, base plates, and others. Their performance is unmatched with the state-of-the-art technology they use to offer industry-leading performances that are innovation-driven. Their platforms are optimized with explains and know-how gained across multiple platforms.

Products from Horizon Electronics are completely cost-effective along with being flexible for fast customization according to the specific requirements of the customer. Most importantly the company is willing to offer strong technical support to their customers that are working in the fields of defense, medical and other crucial sectors. Horizon Electronics also has operations in the US and the UK for customers in these locations where the demand for AC/DC products is higher than in other countries.

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