Power Supply Solutions For Ruggedised Power supply

It Isn’t every day that a power supply company is committed to being a leading provider of power supply solutions including both AC/DC power supplies, DC DC converters, RF power supplies, and high voltage power supplies even in ruggedized conditions. Horizon can offer total quality from in-house design in Asia and North America right down to manufacturing facilities throughout the world. The company can offer the widest range of power products presently available on the market from a single source along with unrivaled technical support to aid both in vendor consolidation as well as cost reduction programs.

The power supply solutions from Horizon are built to function even in a ruggedized environment and are suitable for usage in a wide range of industries. The type of solutions being provided by Horizon is even being used by leading machine manufacturers. The company has the experience in finding comprehensive solutions for the power systems in the machines which can enable the customer to use power supplies with different voltages on the same shelf. The range of products enables the use of power suppliers with high-power and maximum efficiency resulting in:

Savings of approximately 50% of your storage.

Reducing overall power system costs.

Options for future growth in power needs without additional investments.

Options for regulating the power systems according to actual requirements.

Reducing heat dissipation within the system and improving system reliability.

Horizon has also ensured that the number of factors which improve reliability in the system is also taken care of. They are specializing in assisting their customers to build and design products for target markets such as industries, semi-fab, healthcare, and technology. They have realized that off-the-shelf supplies often do not meet the specific needs of the target application and require custom output voltage combinations with unique control/status signals and specific mechanical packaging for optimal performance and integration. Horizon can offer solutions for cases where applications cannot be fulfilled from their standard product range or in circumstances where customers require certain integrated products. Horizon has the widest standard product range in the world which provides them with the largest selection of power solutions by which they quickly deliver modified standard power solutions.

Customer specific power supply solutions are maintained under strict revision control and a clearly defined by their specifications and assembly drawings. Proper attention is paid to the designing of a product which is suitable for the purpose it is being designed for by enjoying conformance to the relevant industry and safety standards as well as conformance to EMI, EMC, and harmonic distortion levels.

Horizon has local engineering design teams in key regions and is, therefore, the ideal source to develop your power solution.

Dealing with erratic power supply is a problem which is encountered by numerous people in America and throughout the world. Countries in the Third World do not have access to the kind of solutions they need to overcome issues with erratic power supply unless they are living in one of the major cities. The kind of solutions being provided by Horizon can be a shot in the arm for everyone who requires standardized power supply solutions for everyday use regardless of whether it is intended for personal or industrial purposes. Horizon can provide the power supply solutions customers need and can also ensure the solutions are customized according to the requirements of their clients.

Individual customers or industries that are looking for power supply solutions are recommended to contact Horizon Electronics for the needs they have confidence in the knowledge that the company will fulfill their requirements according to specifications. Industries are likely to come across numerous providers of power supply solutions but are advised to choose Horizon Electronics over the others as this company is presently providing the best solutions in the market.


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