Everything You Need to Know About a Radio Frequency Facial at Home

Radiofrequency is a skin rejuvenation technology known for its ability to tighten the skin as well as promote the production of collagen and elastin. It targets areas like crow’s feet and under the eyes. It can even get rid of that puffiness under the chin. 

It’s popular as more of a salon appointment thing although there now are devices that you can use at home. Maybe you don’t trust yourself enough to have a radio frequency-emanating gizmo that close to your eyes so I’ll answer your safety concerns.

 rf facial at home

Is RF Facial at Home Safe?

Like I said, it may be a tad intimidating to handle these tools at home yourself. However, going through rf facial at home is safe and effective as well. 

You can rest assured enough research has gone into this technology to approve these tools for home use. Testing is done extensively for both safety and results. Before using any device, ensure it is marked for safety by a standards body.

Getting Ready for That Facial

The best thing about them is you do them yourself from the comfort of your home so you can get as comfortable as you so wish. So, how to prepare?

Wash and dry your face after which you should find a comfy, warm spot to sit on. You can even have your earphones and keep up with your favorite podcaster’s shenanigans. For flexibility and some slack, have a long extension cable. Have a small portable mirror – very important. 

Performing the Facial

Apply a thin layer of radiofrequency gel and please remember to tie your hair back – you don’t want it getting stuck in the gel. Have a towel to clean up any gel mishaps and of course time all the sections on your phone.

How at Home Radiofrequency Tools Work

These radio frequency facial at home tools work with the very basics of their more advanced professional aesthetic products cousins. The idea is basically the same: stimulate collagen production within the skin and in the long run tighten the skin.

These tools are way less powerful than professional tools so you might not get as hot using them – although some warmth is expected. How to use them? Glide them over the contours of your face – it’s that simple.

Remember the RF gel I mentioned? Conductive gel is needed for the device to move smoothly over the area of treatment and act as a conductive medium for the waves to allow them to pass through the skin layers.

How Often Do You Need It?

Home use tools are not as powerful as professional aesthetic products so you will indeed require some more sessions compared to in-clinic sessions. 

With in-clinic sessions, sessions are mostly weekly but with the less powerful home tools, you may even need daily sessions over the first few weeks. Each machine will have different guidelines so follow them accordingly. 

With radio frequency facials at home, you may need several sessions per week over 8-12 weeks. The results are gradual and peak at the end of the course. You will need about 2-4 top-up sessions every month to maintain the results.

For contrast, with professional treatment, you need 3-8 treatments -an average of 6 is recommended. The results of both however are the same- well, more or less, including:

  • Smoother skin texture
  • Healthy looking skin
  • Tightening of lax skin
  • Reduced pore size, wrinkles and fine lines.

How Long Does an Rf Facial at Home Last?

Usually, a session lasts about an hour for a full-face session. Apply conductive gel to your treatment area and work in small zones moving the electrodes gradually over your skin heating it till the timer runs out. 

Move onto the next area until you have all the target areas covered. You may feel a massage sensation while at it and potential redness that fades in an hour or two.