Why you need a face rejuvenation device?

Face rejuvenation devices; what are they?
A person’s face is exposed to UV radiation, dryness, cracking, acid rain, pollutants from smog, pathogenic contamination from poorly maintained HVAC systems and damage from makeup. While the extent of each change over the duration of a day and may seem as manageable, they increase the affects of aging and accelerate over time. For those that do not already use them a face rejuvenation device is the answer; helping to either hydrate the skin, remove contaminants and enhance oxygen flow in areas that need to be repaired.

The problem of aging and the associated causes have been well documented over decades of scientific research and as such aesthetic devices that have been designed and manufactured by medical companies and well-established pharmaceutical companies. While research has driven the need so has the need to remediate against harsher conditions to look the very best a person can do. This in itself has been influenced by society where how a person looks or dresses is paramount for their success and partially driven by the influence of social media. Thankfully aesthetic devices that leverage scientifically backed technology and rejuvenation methods are available for studio and home use.

Radio frequency waves and dynamic closed loop systems
There are decades of extensive research that has been conducted on the benefits of using radio frequency waves in treating aging related symptoms. Tripolar systems use radiofrequency waves to help create collagen through simulation of production cells called fibroblasts in the skin; this makes the skin more toned, reduce the appearance of lines and a cost-effective way of adding collagen to the skin naturally. While creams and lotions have been developed with collagen allowing for absorption to occur, there efficacy is subjective compared to allowing the body to repair itself.

Serums and anhydrous pods enhancing the treatment process
Face rejuvenation treatments may include the use of serums of home aesthetic devices and dry anhydrous systems for commercial use. Serums are normally applied as a wet layer to the face prior to use of home aesthetic devices however only anhydrous treatments have the best efficacy and storage life before use. Only during use are these pods activated with an additional serum ensuring the greatest efficacy of the treat used. The face rejuvenation treatments used for treating dry and cracked skin hydrate and repair the skin through the active ingredients. Another treatment utilizes activated charcoal and other active ingredients to clean the skin from contaminants and excess sebum and highly effective at removing acne oils.

In addition to these face rejuvenation treatments the most recent produced has been the development of an oxygenating treatment that makes the body create oxygen from within the skin; not externally. This novel treatment uses a well-known scientific principle where if the external layer of the skin has carbon dioxide at the interface the oxygen produces and directs oxygen to the area. This oxygen then helps to repair the face naturally from within while active ingredients externally help to treat the surface layer of the skin at the same time.

Your face is your identity
The old adage that looks are not important are taught to lessen the blow that they are. Your face is your brand and identity and needs to be maintained to reduce the effects of early ageing. Without using face rejuvenation treatments an individual’s chance to climb the social ladder, land the better job and in general have a better life may be compromised as aging starts to show and accelerate in the harsh conditions of a modern life. Thankfully there are both clinic and home based aesthetic devices to help ensure a person looks their best.