Using Science to Tone Your Face

Why do you need a facial toning device?
The world is ablating your face every day from the sun’s UV rays to the freezing cold rain to forcing smiles to clients and business stakeholders. Pollutants from traffic, incineration sites, marine traffic and HVAC systems are detrimentally impacting your facial aesthetics. While some work outside and are exposed to the elements, workers that work indoors are exposed to heat sources that dry out and damage skin cells and impact the hydration of a person’s body; this is because the skin is designed to be permeable for evaporate cooling; by drying the skin it breaks down faster. A facial toning device provides a practical response to these factors.

Naturally Produced Collagen
It is well known that wrinkles can be filled with collagen, however collagen is produced by fibroblasts deep in the skin making it difficult to fill with creams. Wrinkles are caused by movement of collagen from the collagen layer as the face moves, leading to an uneven surface. Thankfully a facial toning device is one of the best ways of treating the signs of ageing. The microcurrent facial toning process uses radio frequency waves to stimulate the skin layer that contains fibroblasts and fool them into thinking there is a wound to fill. This means the body secretes new collagen naturally and exactly where it is needed. The great thing is that you do not need to buy expensive creams that do not work effectively over a long term in the places that they need to.

Going Deeper
For deeper wrinkles both the fat and muscle layers need to be considered and this is where a facial toning device that provides microcurrent facial toning is useful and an excellent feature to have. Treating wrinkles through collagen production will only take you so far, microcurrent facial toning essentially works by getting the muscle layer to contract and this squeezes fat cells, liquifying fat and making it mobile; this removes static fat from the face while toning muscle at the same time. The great thing about microcurrent facial toning is that it helps create an even sub-surface for collagen treatments to work effectively.

Even Distribution
While all this so far sounds good an important thing to consider when selecting a facial toning device is targeting treatment areas and the amount of treatment that is required. This is where multi-point sensor technology can help; skin fat and muscle produce a different heat signature when stimulated by facial toning devices. Only the best facial toning devices systems will have automated sensor controls that ensure changes in facial features are accommodated during the treatment process. For instance, removing fat locally where it is needed may produce an uneven look and obviously undesirable; likewise not removing enough in other areas may also produce poor results. Having sensor feedback systems in facial toning devices is critical to success.

Results of facial toning devices can be further enhanced through using serums that contain active ingredients that are worked into the skin. Some produce carbon dioxide at the exterior of the skin which the body senses and allows the body to naturally direct oxygen internally to cells in that location. Oxygen helps rejuvenate and heal skin that has been fatigued and ablated during the day. In addition to oxygenic treatments there are also serums that are used to detox your skin at the same time as toning the skin using active charcoal to other key ingredients. This reduces oily deposits produced by acne and helps the healing process; reducing long term scarring and other challenges. Serums may also be designed to hydrate the skin and useful in hot climates or work environments.