Intro to Perineal Massage

Every mother should be well prepared for their unborn babies. Whether this is your first time or second, you need to be ready.

Many mothers are worried about the pain associated with tearing in labor. Perineum massage is one of the best approaches to solve this problem.

Not only does perineum massage soften the skin, it also improves the elasticity of the perineum (the tissue area between the anus and vagina).

If you want to prepare well for your childbirth, please try the perineum massage. The massage is primarily suitable for women in their last weeks of pregnancy. 

Here are some things an expectant mother should know about perineum massage.

How Does Perineum Massage Reduce Tearing?

The woman’s perineum should be flexible enough to stretch for successful delivery during childbirth.

Unfortunately, many women lack that flexibility. They are unable to stretch during delivery. As a result, the perineum tears.

Women who perform massage on the perineum reduce the chances of tearing during delivery. The massage is done in the last weeks of pregnancy. It keeps the perineal tissue flexible and supple. The tissue becomes more relaxed and expands naturally during delivery.

Did you know that massaging the perineum also makes women more relaxed during labor? That’s right, the massage allows women to practice breathing because of the burning sensation from the perineal stretch.

Perineum Massage Guidelines

Did you know that your partner could help you do the massage? If you don’t feel comfortable doing the massage by yourself, you can always turn to your partner for help.

And if you are doing the massage on your own, you could always opt to use a perineal massager

When performing massage on the perineum, there are a few things you need to consider. Please follow the instructions below, whether you are doing the massage independently or with the help of a partner.

  • As a massager, it is best to wash your hands and trim your nails before doing anything.
  • Find a perfect position for the massage
  • Pour the massage oil onto your fingers and apply it to the perineum
  • Use the thumb index or middle finger to do the massage. Also, you can use two fingers on either hand.
  • Stretch the bath canal toward the anus. Move side to side while applying more pressure over time.
  • Continue the massage for up to 5 minutes

Stretching the perineum is sometimes painful and awkward for the first few times. Don’t worry about this; the more you practice, the more comfortable it gets.

Type of Massage Oil to Use

Like any other type of massage, you will need massage oil. The oils help lubricate your perineum and reduce friction.

Before you get started with the oil, please take a warm bath. The bath helps soften the perineum and makes the oil penetrate the skin.

Make sure you choose the perineal massage oil that best fits you. Below are some of the types of perineal massage oil that may smoothen your experience.

Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond is a great oil known for its superb characteristics of improving skin elasticity. 

The sweet almond oil is hypoallergenic; even the most sensitive skin can tolerate the oil.

Not only does the oil promote muscle relaxation, but it also relieves pain. If you decide to use this kind of oil, you will lessen your muscle aches and relax muscle tension.

Coconut oil

The oil is a fat-soluble nutrient; it makes the skin more elastic and less prone to tear. The oil has an antimicrobial property; it helps prevent harmful bacteria.

Coconut oil is mainly used in heavy massage. In the case of perineal massage, you should choose unscented, organic coconut oil.

Grape seed oil

Did you know that grape seed oil is a by-product of wine processing? The oil has a lot of benefits.

The oil is antimicrobial and also anti-inflammatory. It contains vitamin E and omega chain fatty acids, which makes it not only suitable for massage but also beneficial to the skin. 

It is suitable for all types of skins and it is easily absorbed.

Olive oil

Olive oil is the fat derived from crushing olives. Applying olive oil to your perineum helps protect the fragile skin from tearing.

You can apply the oil directly to the skin or mix it with other types of oils.

Olive oil prevents your tissue from swelling and aching. The oil will decrease the chances of vaginal tearing during pregnancy.

All expectant mothers want is to reduce any chances of perineal tear. You want to help your baby smoothly pass down the birth canal to this new world.

If you plan to start massaging your perineum, select the oil that suits your preference. The oils mentioned above come with a lot of benefits.


Massaging your perineum in preparation for childbirth is one of the most effective methods of reducing the risk of perineal tearing. 

The point of the massage is to gradually increase the stretching limit of your perineal muscles. This way, by the time you are giving birth, your vagina will be better able to stretch round the baby’s head. 

You can use a perineal massager and some massage oil to ease the process.