Rejuvenating your skin with radiofrequency (RF) devices

A paradigm shift towards conducting an RF facial at home
As we age our face and body changes with DNA becoming damaged each time a cell is replicated, making us less desirable to others. While this is natural, unfortunately it isn’t acceptable these days in relationships or society and while we don’t like to think of this as a fact, we can see it every day. Relationship’s split-up all the time while older workers reach as glass ceiling; unfortunately, image is everything and we need to reduce its impact on our life.

A radio frequency facial at home can help extensively to reduce this degradation effect to our life through devices created from scientific studies and produced by medical and pharmaceutical leaders. Such devices were developed through scientific research, with peer reviewed journal papers being produced as a result and so are highly revered in the world of medicine and being investigated for skin regeneration after surgery to reduce surgical scarring and skin unevenness after being punctured.

Thankfully this technology has been commercialized for household use allowing you to conduct an RF facial at home with a small convenient device, or at a skin specialist.

How does a RF facial at home work?
There are three main technologies that are used in an RF facial at home, the first is tripolar Radio Frequency that is used to warm fat cells to liquify stored fat and allow the body to remove it from the cell and out of the body. Each fat cell needs to be put under localized high-shear to make it mobile in a similar way that exercise works; this is because the lipid system of the body is a passive system.

Devices that are used for a radio frequency facial at home also utilize dynamic muscle activation (DMA), a process that helps with the shearing of fat cells while toning muscle tissue at a much deeper level than what RF provides. DMA contracts muscles locally through electrical impulse and the firmness of the skin against the contraction of the muscle further enhances the fat shearing process while toning the muscle.

How devices generate collagen production
An additional benefit of a radio frequency facial at home is that they can stimulate fibroblasts present in the skin to produce more collagen to fill in surface defects. This is great for helping to treat acne scarring, wrinkles and uneven skin profiles. The deeper treatments level the skin through localized fat removal and muscle toning while the collagen generation fills in the gaps of the layer above the fat that retains it like plastic wrapping over a softer material.

Serums to help the rejuvenation process
Some devices used at home use serums that contain active ingredients that are reapplied prior to using a device on the skin. These can detox the skin, improve hydration or repair skin discoloration. These can be very important for the look, feel and health of the top layer of skin and when combined with collagen production and excess fat removal you can create a unified even skin surface and help combat acne scars and other blemishes.

The Future
Currently more and more people are conducting a RF facial at home around 3 times a week on average for 10-minute treatment times making home devices much sought after when an individual cannot get a booking at a skin specialist. While looks are becoming ever more important in society it is expected these home devices will become the norm in the majority of homes in the next 3 to 5 years as market exposure and social validity helps increase sales of such devices. From a user perspective the science is there and every day you are not looking after yourself is a day you are getting left behind.