RF industry manufacturer’s representative; A much needed contact

RF industry manufacturer’s representatives and their role
Manufacturing sites have constant overheads yet their output varies between orders. While load levelling and resource management can improve profitability, outsourcing a sales team to bring in new orders has been the customary approach to many manufacturers for decades now. Some RF industry manufacturers hire an RF industry manufacturer’s representative based on a family business solely looking after that company through the decades. In exchange for generating sales the RF industry manufacturer’s representative gains commission from the factory and provides areas of non-compete based on region with other representatives for larger manufacturing firms that stretch across larger territories.

For a company that wishes to manufacture products and potentially distribute them in the same region, a RF industry manufacturer’s representative is one of the most important contacts to make. Some provide just a basic link to a specific company while others cultivate relations with many companies related to launching products associated with the manufacturing firm. For example, if a manufacturer specializes in RF manufacturing for communication devices, the product development process is very similar between products. As such money is made through manufacturing, testing and regulatory compliance, legal guidance and freight and local distribution to key stores. Representatives have to be up to speed with the latest RF technology and can act for additional fees as consultants to get less experienced companies through key NPI hurdles.

Why not deal directly with an RF manufacturer?
When doing business, it is important to understand a region’s politics and cultural differences when conducting business. A good RF industry manufacturer‘s representative will understand this and work in the best interest of the client to get the best commission and added value fees they can ensure that you get the best deal in a region. Without them you may have to deal with manufacturers who have no time for discussing what you want, only your order and may be insulted if you try and gain their help without a representative. This can be because of the strong tie between a manufacturer and the RF representative, furthermore contractually they will not be able to deal with you directly and may think that you are underhanded.

At best this can mean the difference between a great product being realized for the masses or at best an apt product that through ambiguity and lack of communication may not be good enough to compete in the marketplace. In addition, you will need to contact testing labs to test the product for compliance and hire a local legal representative to carry out paperwork. Most countries work through a bribe-based system to get anything done and if you are not aware of it you may not get anything done. Additionally legal representatives can vary between countries and therefore having an RF industry manufacturer’s representative help guide you to an experienced business in getting regulatory paperwork approved is highly recommended.

If you are also selling the manufactured product in the same region a representative can provide you with a contact that can market the product. Additionally, if you need to ship worldwide, they can manage local freight. This can be useful as they will know through experience the process better than you. Remember that cultural differences have their part to play in different parts of the world, so it doesn’t hurt to have a local on your side. As such you are much more likely to meet your project targets and excel with a well-considered product for the target market. You save on time making your own contacts and ensure you meet the correct groups to realize the product and outperform the competition.