Business SMS Messaging and Marketing

Business SMS messaging provides a quick and easy way to update customers, offer promotions and notifications – all without the need for a smartphone. Voice SMS has proved to be the more successful choice for many companies, but at what cost? If you’re thinking of exploring SMS marketing, there are a few things you should know first.

Business text advertising can be used for marketing and is one of the biggest advantages of using it as it integrates seamlessly with your company’s CRM system seamlessly. It means you can send out automatic messages based on the information that is already stored in your database. 

So, if a customer enquiries about a product, you could send them an SMS marketing message which instructs them to call you on a particular phone number to discuss their query.

The cost of business text advertising is the biggest barrier to entry. If a cellular carrier implements a pricing model that charges per text sent and per text received, the price of sending a message will depend on who you’re sending the message to and what network they are from.

Benefits of Business SMS Messaging and Marketing

Business sms marketing is useful for communicating with employees, and is becoming a popular tool for time-saving communication. For example, you could use it to send out internal SMS messages which instruct your employees to report any problems with corporate laptops straight to the IT department.

Another advantage of SMS marketing is the ability to measure results. If your company has previously used email marketing, it will have been difficult to accurately assess which recipients have opened each message and how many times it has been read.

If you’re still interested in business text advertising, but are looking to cut down on cost, there are a few things you can do.

You could also consider using your existing customer base to spread the word. You can do this by setting up a discount or reward scheme whereby if they refer a friend, they will receive a coupon code or token which they can use to claim money off their next purchase.

Business SMS solutions for messaging are becoming increasingly popular and are viewed as one of the most effective business communication tools on the market. By using it effectively, you can deliver targeted marketing campaigns that are relevant and personalized to each customer. Email marketing has been around for a long time, but many companies are finding that text message marketing is the better option.

Online marketers are now using an array of tools and methods to target their advertising. From social media channels to pay-per-click advertising, they’re all vying for attention. Your competitors may be taking a different approach, but there’s also a chance that they’re failing to make the most of one of the biggest communication channels on the internet: SMS.

There are several different types of SMS marketing solutions available to you, so you should take some time to explore the different options available before committing.

There are also numerous potential benefits when it comes to choosing business SMS messaging as your marketing solution. It even has the potential to increase your customer base and improve your brand image.

One of the main benefits of business SMS is that it allows you to engage with customers who might not be interested in any other forms of online communication, such as email or social media. Tweets and status updates aren’t necessarily going to reach everyone, but there’s a much higher chance that a text message will.


You may also be able to make use of business SMS solutions in order to target customers who have previously made purchases from your business. You could send them an SMS text message inviting them to take part in a survey or vote on a particular issue that they might feel strongly about. Another option would be to invite customers to become members of your loyalty scheme.

If you’re more interested in keeping your communications private, you could also consider sending out SMS marketing messages that can only be read and opened by your chosen recipients. This means that any business competitors will not have access to the information you’re sending them.

Whilst some people may feel that this is an invasion of privacy, it could actually be a good thing if you’re trying to keep details confidential. You should think about the types of information that you want others to know about before deciding whether it’s appropriate to use SMS marketing or not.