Wireless Medical Video Technology During Surgery – My Review


The world of healthcare is changing with the advancements in technology and there is no doubt that it is becoming better day by day. Thanks to technology, saving lives has become easier than ever before and medical professionals are also dealing with less strain. One of the technological innovations that are helping medical facilities all across the world is the ability of medical professionals to live stream surgery and save more lives. To know more about this marvelous innovation, simply scroll down.
Making OTs More Efficient
One of the biggest benefits of using a wireless medical video is that it makes operation more efficient. When a surgery is going on, everyone including the junior residents and nurses can see what’s going on in a surgery and learn from it. They can also see which mistakes to avoid while doing a surgery and ensure that they don’t harm another patients live in the future.
A Cost-Effective Solution
Rising costs of healthcare is a burning issue across the globe. Wireless medical videos can help in cutting down unnecessary costs like costs of travel by allowing medical professionals and students to observe a surgery from the comfort of their home. Similarly, it makes communication between different surgeons easy and allows them to collaborate even if they are in different states or nations.
Easy Access to Expertise
How often it happens that a patient has to wait for days to undergo a surgery just because a doctor is not in the country or a doctor cannot travel due to any reasons. With wireless videos, such problem is resolved as the expertise of a seasoned surgeon can be rendered easily and the veteran can see the surgery live and guide the surgeons in the operation to do it right.
Easy to Use and Worth It
If you decide to live stream surgery today, you can set it up within hours and ensure that the surgery goes smoothly the very same day. The task of buying and setting up equipment that makes streaming possible is quite easy and can be done by even a novice. The quality of the stream is superior to any traditional methods like smartphone videos and the equipment is also very lightweight.
Safe and Error Free
Imagine that a surgery is being live streamed, a veteran is virtually spearheading it and the streaming equipment shuts down. Sounds horrible, right? But this is not the case when you use the right equipment that not only runs seamlessly for hours but also prevents hacking attempts to ensure patient’s safety and security. Below you can know how to pick the right equipment.
How to Select the Right Equipment?
You can invest in an equipment that can create Full HD video (1080p) and supports 3D formats for better quality videos.
It is also an excellent idea to choose equipment that supports HD and SPDIF audio to ensure crystal clear sound.
Multi-room coverage is also worth the investment as it makes the entire process more efficient.
If portable devices have low power consumption modes, it will save money on power bills.
Latency should be less than 1 milliseconds, color depth should be up to 30 bits and it should have extended 5GHz bandwidth to ensure you get your money’s worth.

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