Is It Easy To Accomplish Migration Documentum To SharePoint?

Documentum is an enterprise content management platform which is presently owned by OpenText along with the name of the software company which initially developed the technology. However, quite a few users are considering the migration Documentum to SharePoint for various reasons. Users generally wonder whether it will be easy for them to accomplish document migration SharePoint without encountering numerous problems. Such users are advised to consider the deployer developed by Tzunami that can make it easy for them to accomplish this task conveniently.

The Tzunami deployer for EMC Documentum can enable the migration of content from EMC Documentum to products of SharePoint and technologies. The Tzunami deployer is part of the Tzunami deployer family of products which was developed specifically to respond to SharePoint requirements of all types including SharePoint Moss 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2019, and SharePoint online. This solution permits the user to run the export command on one machine while loading the data into another. Users have been provided with the ability to connect remotely to the EMC Documentum content server in order to choose the content they need to migrate to SharePoint.

Running the exporter from the command line for Documentum migration is another benefit offered by Tzunami deployer in order to run exports as part of scripts. This tool primarily supports content migration from Documentum to Moss.

The Tzunami deployer for Documentum supports various object types and allows users to export the following objects from the Documentum content server. General and personal cabinets, folders, virtual documents and even documents which are customized. The migration of documents from earlier ECM’s is reliable and secure especially to SharePoint 2013, SharePoint online and office 365. Users can export groups along with the following permissions when they are using the Tzunami deployer for Documentum export. The permissions include browsing, read, note, relate, version, write, delete, change state, change permission, change ownership, change location, and execute procedure. When the security mappings of Tzunami deployer are used the users will have the ability to migrate user groups and memberships as well as permissions even across active directory domains.

The Tzunami deployer for Documentum enables the user to migrate additional attributes added to custom types apart from the basic metadata. Migration document to SharePoint becomes easy when using the Tzunami deployer to migrate the environment of Documentum to SharePoint products and technologies.

Documentum has a virtual document capability which allows users to combine multiple documents together to manage them as a single document. SharePoint, however, does not provide a similar environment and therefore the virtual documents are converted into folders during the export.

When the modeling feature of Tzunami deployer is used these folders can be migrated in SharePoint as any structure type starting from a simple folder in a list right down to a site collection.

Users of EMC Documentum that are looking forward to migrating Documentum content to SharePoint will do well to spend some time conducting research and trying to understand how the Tzunami deployer can assist them to accomplish migration Documentum to SharePoint. They are not required to invest in the Tzunami deployer unless they are convinced of its capabilities. They can request this company to demonstrate how their software can assist users in easy migration of all their data. The company is prepared to schedule a free demonstration which will undoubtedly convince users they need to look no further than this company for Documentum migration to SharePoint.

The deployer powered by Tzunami is one of the leading providers of SharePoint data migration solutions and support all versions of SharePoint by offering data and content migration in a secured and a professional manner. They also have a highly skilled team that can assist users to complete the task of migration Documentum to SharePoint without going through any hassles.

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