Company Profile – Horizon – Power Supply Company

Company Profile — Horizon

Among the many power supply companies existing in the world, horizon electronics is a leading designer and manufacturer of power supply systems that specialize in providing power supply systems which can be operated in harsh environmental, industrial, civil, and defense. Horizon Electronics has been developing and manufacturing power supply systems for 50 years and has delivered over 500,000 power supply units. The company has hundreds of man-hours of power supply expertise and knowledge along with a leading customer base.

Horizon can offer both standard and customized solutions ranging from light customization right up to fully customized products. The company can deliver to its customer’s high-quality innovative products as well as cost-effective solutions.

Horizon is using state-of-the-art technologies and industry-leading performance innovation-driven platforms that are optimized with the experience and the know-how which have been gained over generations of multiple platforms. The company can provide value to its customers with complete cost-effective power supply systems and components. The power supply systems developed by Horizon are available with strong technical support as well as leading business system tools. They are flexible and can be relied upon for fast customization to suit the specific requirements of the customer.

The products from Horizon can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a project by adding special features and hardware making them available to the market within a short time. Some of the standard products can be purchased off-the-shelf and are capable of meeting most requirements of an application. Even better is the fact that the products are available regularly ensuring that the customer does not have to wait for long for the products to become available. Customers even have the flexibility to make light modifications by adding or removing specific features or hardware. Customers that are looking for an individual solution for a device they have developed can also contact the company with their requirements by being confident that the company will develop the specific power supply system and provide a cost optimized product that can be ideally adapted to their specifications.

Horizon has a motto to provide a proper solution for extreme conditions and is willing to accept challenges from customers about their environment. The company has offices in North America, Europe, and Israel and is the manufacturer of ruggedized power supplies solutions that can be used in harsh environments. Customers can get the best fit for their requirements by choosing the modules with the voltage and current settings and needed for every output. For example, Testron 2400 allows a combination of high and low power modules in a single box and provides a true single box solution to save time and money for the customer.

Horizon is the developer of the Titan 5Gi Series AC-DC power supply and battery charger which has been accepted by numerous customers throughout the world. They are involved in the supply of power supply systems, not just to regular customers but have also been accepted by defense, industrial, environmental and civil installations making it one of the leading power supply companies which are presently operating in the world.

Customers of all types looking for power supply systems or companies are generally concerned about the prices which will be charged by power supply companies especially when they need products customized according to their specific requirements. They also seek technical support whenever needed. On most occasions, power supply companies are unwilling to meet the requirements of customers either leaving them disappointed or searching for other companies that can satisfy their needs. Customers that approach Horizon Electronics for their requirements will return satisfied that they are made the right decision to contact this company because of the perceived value they receive from the services provided.

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