COTS Power Supply Products

By definition, they are extremely durable power supply solutions used by all branches of the military and government since the mid 90s. COTS is short for commercial off the shelf products and they give organizations the option to buy products for a range of specialized purposes rather than having such products made to order.

These power supplies are manufactured on a large scale providing scalable solutions at affordable costs. When COTS supplies meet military grade power supplies standards, they can now withstand the extreme working conditions of military applications.

A Brief History

During the 90s, COTS earned a reputation as an efficient way to lower the time consuming and financially taxing task of software development. 

With COTS software, organizations could slash their software overhead and reduce the development time required for software programs. 

The developers of COTS software are usually independent vendors that sell their products to organizations. Individuals too can buy or rent COTS.

Examples of products that can be classified as COTS include:

  • Cloud services
  • Military grade power supplies – granted they fit the ruggedized power supply standards
  • Services for training and installation
  • Materials used for construction

Ideally, COTS are ready for use as soon as they arrive. Be that as it may, sometimes the COTS must be configured to the unique demands of a given application. 

Customization can extend the product’s functionality although it is important to weigh all the pros and cons before opting for customization. COTS suppliers generally don’t appreciate customization because of maintenance issues that arise when functionalities are customized.

COTS vendors are experts and are approved for quality by third party organizations. As such, COTS products are more reliable than products developed inhouse. So how do you benefit from COTS as an organization?

Choosing to use COTS will save you some coins in procurement and maintenance. COTS products are widely recognized as an efficient way to reduce the operating costs of operating a system over the life of an organization.

Security Concerns

Some security risks accompany COTS products, especially software. These security risks are magnified when integrated with a company’s pre-existing software network. 

That in itself is bad but when inhouse software is integrated into COTS software to get new composite software programs, it gets worse. This is because the composite can carry over problem issues that originate from incompatible COTS elements. 

COTS Power Supply

Military grade power supplies are required to undergo a complex series of qualification tests over extended periods. To add to that the tests all have to be done under harsh conditions which are the case in real life applications.

Outside of military DC DC converters and the like, COTS power supplies have some applications in the civilian industry as well. This has mainly been due to the wide acceptance of COTS throughout the military and aerospace scopes. 

Organizations in the civilian sector stand to gain a lot from opting for COTS options with the time and cost benefits. Some COTS power supply products you can consider include:


These are highly reliable power supply solutions that operate effectively in harsh conditions. They are extremely ruggedized and the military DC DC converter falls under this category.