What are modular power supplies used for?

A wide variety of aspects need to be considered while getting a new power supply, starting from efficiency to wattage to everything. Along with that, the modularity also needs to be taken care of. As a new builder, you might be unaware of the differences in the types of power supplies available in the market, like a semi-modular and fully modular power supply. Here is a brief description of both the different forms for you to take a look. You should also know the reasons they are used for. After getting in-depth information regarding this, you can pick the one that you need.


Modular power supply 

The modular power supply eliminates the involvement of excess cables that consumes a lot of space. In modular power suppliestwo modular power supplies are there. One is fully modular PSUs, and another one is semi-modular PSUs.

  1. Fully Modular PSUs

The fully modular PSUs are where each cable on the power supply can be moved without any difficulty. Fully modular PSUs are highly recommended as they are compatible with various colored power cables. It gives a bit of extra flair when you are building. The features of using full modular PSUs are:

  • Excellent airflow 

There is an increase in airflow because of the flexibility of better cable management. Also, there is no “nest” in the middle of the case, and only the cables are available. As a result, there is enough space in the device, which helps in proper airflow.

  • Reduction in the cables

As there are only lesser cables available, so the amount of dust building up inside the device reduces. Extra space and lack of cables lead to a lower temperature, and this is possible only in fully modular PSUs. It also eliminates messing up of wire, which is higher in non-modular PSUs.

  • Aesthetically good

There is good cable level management offering a better aesthetics. It offers a cleaner look that is not present in non-modular PSUs.

  • Efficiency 

The new modular plugs make them easier to use, increasing efficiency. As a result, it is more convenient for you as there are not many cables available. It might sound a bit expensive to you, but they are the best when it comes to comparing the features with non-modular PSUs.

  • Larger computer casing 

The only aspect that needs your attention is it requires a larger computer casing. The device cannot fit in a smaller or usual computer casing.


  1. Semi-Modular PSUs

A semi-modular PSU has specific cables, which are not used in every device. So, while looking for a semi-conductor, you also need to look at the main connectors, which cannot be disconnected. In semi-modular power supplies, the main cables, such as 8-pin CPU, 24-pin, and a PCIe cable, are connected to a single circuit board. There are connected next to the SATA cables present there. To understand a semi-modular PSU, you can consider it is a combination of attributes. Here are some of the reasons for using semi-modular PSUs:

  • Cost-effective 

The essential aspect is they are cost-effective, and you can save a lot on a new build. As you will be plugging pre-attached cabled, so there is no need to compromise much on unused cables. With semi-modular PSUs, you cannot use braided cables to ensure that you know about it while selecting the wires.

  • Better temperature

Compared to non-modular PSUs, the right cable management offers better temperature control. But when compared to full-modular PSUs, the temperature is a bit higher.

  • Decent airflow

Proper cable management helps in decent airflow, which enhances efficiency. When the same is considered with full-modular, it is a little less but higher than non-modular.

  • Large size casing 

Compared to non-modular, it requires a larger-sized casing. But with a larger casing, there is an easy way to replace wires. It is possible because there are lesser wires that you need to unplug. But the same thing is not possible with non-modular PSUs.


Get a modular PSU!

The above reasons will help you make a choice between a semi-modular and fully modular PSU. If you are ready to spend a bit more, it’s better to get a fully-modular PSU. However, you wish to go for a cost-effective product; a semi-modular PSU would be apt. Since you are now aware of the reasons to use them, it would be easier to get one for your requirements.

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