Next Big Step in Influencer Marketing – Live Streaming

With changing technologies, businesses need to find new ways in which they can reach their customers. Like, people have shifted to online news rather than reading newspapers, so those print ads are of minimal use. Similarly, people prefer watching entertainment content online, so TV commercials are also not of much help. Wireless, high-speed internet services have given origin to Digital Marketing. With people spending most of their time on the internet, the marketing had to reach them out there.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing means taking marketing content on the internet. As content is the most important thing in marketing, so the marketers have to make sure that they deliver their content in a way that it reaches most of the people. With digital marketing, it’s easy to reach more people as this content can be delivered to them through all platforms online.

Even people have started relying on these mediums for any kind of information as these are more ‘to the point’ and relevant to them. For example, a news channel can show one news at a time, while online, multiple videos or blogs can be posted simultaneously. So, people can directly go to the news they want to know about rather than buzzing around random news.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing means getting your product or service reviewed or endorsed by a person who has expert knowledge about it, i.e. the influencer. About a decade back, there were not many influencers available. Influencer marketing was limited to celebrities and some of the famous bloggers. But now, smartphones and high-speed internet are available to almost everyone and influencers can be seen everywhere. For some people, influencer marketing is also a full-time career.

In Digital marketing, influencer marketing has always been a hit, because of two reasons:

  • Influencers reach out to more audience than any campaign of the brand could.
  • Influencers help in gaining trust from people towards the brand.


Live Video Streaming

Recently, influencers too went from written content to video content. As videos are easy to watch and everybody does not prefer reading. But with these pre-prepared content, the factor of trust is somewhat not fulfilled. People do not trust these content as they are edited and molded in order to show things better. Here comes in Live Video Streaming.

Live Videos take the video content online, while not destroying the trust factor. As live videos show everything real, from the voice of the influencer to any product they are promoting, everything is almost as in watching in real. The content does not look like pre-planned and edited. Live streaming is not even a big task anymore. Taking your content online is as easy as anything and with the best live streaming software, it can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime. The market also has streaming software for pc as well as for mobile available.

Here are some benefits of live video streaming in influence marketing:

  • Trust: Live videos are more trusted as they keep on transparency. Everything in the video looks real and raw. And gaining customer’s trust is the most important thing in marketing.
  • Cost-cutting: While implementing video in your marketing strategy, you would need a professional team of videographers as well as editing people. With live video streaming, all you need is a camera, streaming software for pc or mobile and high-speed internet. Even some of the best live streaming software are available for free.
  • Return on Investment: For continuing a strategy, you would require to measure what ROI it is providing. It was difficult with influencer marketing but with live video streaming, this calculation is possible.
  • More Audience: As influencers can interact with the audience during a live video, it makes people interested as they can ask queries and get their answer there only.
  • Hosting Opportunities: Influencers can host any of your events and make it reach to a wide set of audience by going live. This also does not require any setup or production cost.


So, live video streaming is the new and most beneficial way of delivering content online. This is the most demanded marketing strategy and with available streaming software for pc and mobile, this has become very easy to go with. With this, influencers can take your business to new heights and you can easily beat your competition.