4 Unique Features Of A Highly Functional Cybersecurity Product

What is cyber security?

The practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, network and data from malicious attacks with the help of cyber security solutions is known as cyber security. Cyber security is also known as information technology security or electronic information security. These days, the term cyber security is applied in a variety of contexts, starting from business to mobile computing, and there are various categories too.

The common types of securities provided by a reputed cyber security software

  1. Network security: The practice of securing a computer network from any kind of intrusion, whether it is a targeted attack or opportunistic malware is known as network security. Most of the reputed cyber security products offer network security to their users to ensure their device is protected from any kind of vulnerabilities of cyber attack.
  2. Application security: Application security aims on maintaining software and devices free of threats. A compromised application can provide access to data rather than protecting it.
  3. Endpoint security: Remote access is one of the necessary parts of business, but can also be a weak point for data. The process of securing remote access to a company’s network is known as endpoint security.
  4. Data security: Inside every application and network, data is present. These data can be sensitive information of the company or even the customers of an organization. So, protecting these data is another most important feature of cyber security products.
  5. Identity management: This process deals in understanding the access of every employee in an organization or access into a specific gadget. The cyber security software programs take care of this matter to ensure that no unwanted person is entering the premises of an organization.
  6. Database and infrastructure security: Everything present in a network involves databases as well as physical equipment. So, these devices are also protected by the cyber security solutions.
  7. Cloud security: These days, people tend to upload all their files and data in their cloud accounts as this can allow them to access their files from any of their devices. But cloud is a total internet based software and as a result is more targeted by cyber criminals. Hence, all of your devices should always have the best cyber security solutions in order to protect your personal data and information in the cloud.


Unique features of a highly functional cyber security product

  • It works in any environment: No matter whether you install the cyber security software in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or clouds or On-premise, the software can perform all its functions perfectly. Besides, it is not necessary for your device to always remain online as the software performs even when the devices are offline.
  • The software can run anywhere: This software can run perfectly and provide endpoint protection and endpoint security. Besides it also operates in protecting data and information in cloud infrastructure and other data centers.
  • Compatible to any Operating system: No matter whether you are using a windows device, or macOS or android device or IOS & iPadOS or Chrome OS, a good cyber security product will be compatible with these Operating Systems. And it will also provide all the security features and protect your device in the most secure way.
  • Predict and prevent any threat or attack vector: The best cyber security solutions can adapt all the prevention measures in order to predict any kind of cyber threat and prevent it even before it is executed by the cyber attackers. The different kinds of threats that these software are capable of protecting include Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, Trojans etc. Other than these, it can also protect insider threats and offer active adversaries to protect the networks from intruders.


The most difficult challenge faced while maintaining cyber security is the ever-evolving nature of the security breaches. Previously most of the organizations had focused most of their cyber security resources on perimeter security in order to protect their most crucial system components from the known threats. But these days, this approach is insufficient as the threats are more complex and unpredictable.

Modern cyber security solutions can predict the most complex cyber threats and protect different devices from the dangers of different kinds of cyber attacks.