Ethical Issues Surrounding AI Generated Media

The art of creating synthetic media is a budding, yet controversial subject in the world today. There are a number of ethical theories and questions that surround the use of AI in producing images and videos from scratch. This article attempts to break down some of the most basic facts of ethical use of AI, while also looking into how these technologies are being used today.

The article will discuss the ethical implications that AI can have on society, as well as possible solutions to these problems. 

AI talking head

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

The term artificial intelligence (AI) is generally used to describe computer systems that are capable of intelligent behavior. Computers can be programmed and ‘taught’ to perform a certain task. However, there is typically a human ‘teacher’ who determines exactly how the computer should do this. This process is called machine learning. 

Artificial intelligence works in a similar way to human intelligence. It can learn things by understanding and observing the environment around it. 

Ethical Issues with AI Generated Images

One of the first use cases for artificial intelligence is in its creation of images. A major issue that falls short of AI ethics is ‘user identity’ when it comes to face recognition deep learning. 

Another important ethical issue in the use of AI is the issue of copyright. The image created by the artificial intelligence systems can be copyrighted if it is properly notated in its metadata. In most cases, this label is left out of image creation, which could potentially cause legal problems for the creator of the AI media.

Another issue that needs to be explored is how a particular person or group will benefit from an AI system creating images and videos for them. The most prominent use case is by individuals looking to become famous without doing actual work. This could potentially lead to the downfall of celebrities who worked hard at creating their own brand and image.

Ethical Issues with AI Generated Videos

Currently, AI is being used in the creation of images and videos. However, there are some major issues that need to be looked into before using this technology more widely.

AI has currently been used by political propaganda journalists in order to spread propaganda and manipulate the masses. It has also been used to create fake news stories, which could potentially lead to major issues with governments losing public trust.

Another ethical issue that needs to be addressed is how AI is used in the creation of fake videos and images. Some believe that AI can help create videos with realistic qualities, while others believe that they could create manipulated videos to cause shock and outrage using face recognition deep learning

AI ethics dictate that it is important to understand what feelings are being conveyed by the image and video created, as well as possible ways it can be manipulated. Having this information will help companies use ethical AI in their products.

Another major issue is how people will react to the images and videos created. In most cases, they are shocked and in disbelief that AI can actually create something this realistic. It is important to understand exactly how people will feel about these synthetic images so the creators of these systems can potentially prevent any issues with their products. 

If there remain issues after an image or video has been created, it is important to find a solution that allows users to be aware of what they are seeing before they open an image or video. However this solution will require a lot of work to be done by the makers of AI technology.


Images and videos are just one area where AI has been successfully used. Another use case is in the creation of synthetic music and audio. With the kind of potential that AI generated media has when it comes to corporate and training industries, ethical use of AI should be a priority to ensure the technology is more beneficial than harmful.